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Winter Pond Maintenance

You can learn how to prepare your pond for the coming winter months in this article! Winterizing your pond can make sure it continues to operate smoothly even if it freezes, and prepares it for spring maintenance too.

Winter maintenance for ponds is only one of the main times pond owners should have their ponds taken care of. Seasonally maintaining ponds ensures they run smoothly for a long time, and look good doing it. As for winter pond care, here is the best way to do it.

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Preparing Your Pond For Winter

Preparing your pond for winter mostly involves cleaning the different parts. This way if you choose to leave it on it will operate smoothly and not have a breakdown in the middle of winter.

If you choose to leave it on during winter:

  • Remove as many leaves and debris from the pond as possible
  • Remove the basket/net and the filter mats from your skimmer
  • Place a pond heater near the skimmer to help water flow to the pump
  • Watch out for ice dams in any streams and waterfalls
  • Plan to fill it up manually every so often as water loss can still be an issue

Pondless water features need to be kept running 24/7

If you turn it off:

  • Remove as many leaves and debris from the pond as possible. Any leftover organic matter will decay on the pond bottom until spring
  • Remove the basket or net from your skimmer, the filter mats, and the pump
  • Rinse and clean all this pond equipment and then store them in a frost-free location
Winter pond maintenance can leave you with a winter wonderland

Additional Pond Winter Prep Tips

We’ve already covered how to prepare your ponds, but here is some additional information that you may like to know:

  • If you decide to remove your pump it’s best to submerge it in a bucket of water during the winter
  • If you have fish in your pond, it is best to have a recirculating pump or aerator to provide air exchange
  • Install a pond a de-icer to keep a hole open in the ice to let the gasses escape
  • Make sure your pump is getting water otherwise it can burn out your pump and your water line can freeze
  • Your pond can experience water loss if it freezes as the water will become ice
Preparing your pond for winter

Winter Wonderland – Pond Style

A frozen pond can be a thing of beauty, like a frozen piece of art. It can be even more than that if it is properly prepared for winter because there is a beauty in function too. Preparing your pond for winter can let it become a winter wonderland.

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