Pond And Water Feature Maintenance Services In The Des Moines Area


What Type Of Maintenance Are You Looking For?

We have a few different types of cleaning/maintenance packages available for your pond. Some clients enjoy having their feature cleaned every single week while others opt for just once a year!

A pond or water feature repair is when something is broken or not working as it is intended to within the feature. Generally clients are looking to have this fixed or replaced so that the ecosystem of their pond can continue as it once was.

Renovating a pond or water feature is a more all encompassing approach to rehabbing your pond. With a renovation, you’re taking an old pond and doing a full overhaul to create a new piece of mother nature. You’ll have the opportunity to redesign the pond, add any additional features you’ve been dreaming of, and pretty much get to make it your own!

Is It Time To Have Your Feature Cleaned?

As you can imagine, the more you have your feature cleaned or maintained, the better off the ecosystem of it will be. One of the reasons ponds are great to have is due them being low maintenance, but they still need to have some maintaining done.

Ready To Move Forward On Some Of Those Upgrades?

Have An Event Coming Up And Need Your Feature Cleaned?

  • Before you host a bbq at your home, make sure your pond is looking it’s best!
  • Weddings these days are getting more and more expensive, so some clients opt to have them at their home.
  • If your child is about to have a birthday party, you better believe their friends will want to look at the koi fish!