How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A Koi Pond In Des Moines

Find Out What Cost Factors Affect The Price Of Maintaining A Koi Pond In Des Moines
Koi pond maintenance includes draining the pond

The best and worst answer: it depends. You can learn what causes the cost to maintain a koi pond to change from who you hire to what your pond is like. 

You can learn about these factors in the post below:

Why Are They So Different?

“Wait, so we have one estimate for $800 and another for $1,500?”

Terry and Tina are looking into getting their koi pond maintained. They have gotten 2 very different estimates from the pond contractors they’ve reached out to so far.

JAW team performing spring pond maintenance

“Why are they this different? It doesn’t make any sense unless one of them charges more just to make more money,” Tina says in frustration. It seems like their koi pond is looking worse by the day and it’s weighing on her.

“I have no idea, but maybe we can find the answers on Google,” Terry suggests helpfully. Tina nods and pulls out her phone. She gets on Google and searches ‘how much does it cost to maintain a koi pond in Des Moines’.

Here is what she finds.

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Factors Changing Koi Pond Maintenance Costs

  1. Who you hire
  2. Size of your pond
  3. Complexity
  4. Type of maintenance

“Ok, but how do these factors change how much it costs to maintain a koi pond?”

1. Who Ya Gonna Hire?

“At first this one seems too obvious.”

Iowa waterscapes pond team

Well yeah whoever you hire will change the price, they offer different estimates! But the question behind this is, why are they different?

Much of the time it comes down to numbers. Many contractors don’t know their numbers so they end up undercharging and not making any money. If they realize this before the project is over they may talk to you about changing the price. Either that or they’ll cut corners (we’ve seen it in ponds before).

“That would be one awkward conversation I’d like to avoid,” Terry says.

Smaller companies tend to charge less as well. This is because they have fewer expenses. But smaller companies also lack manpower, which can cause trouble down the line or extend the time it takes to complete the pond maintenance.

“That actually makes a lot of sense,” Terry realizes. The couple scrolls on to the next factor affecting the cost to maintain a koi pond.

2. Pond Size Does Matter

“I’m guessing bigger is more of an investment.”

Large and complex koi ponds like this cost more to maintain

Larger ponds need more time and effort to clean. It takes longer to drain the water, clean the sides and bottom, check it over, and refill it. Plus, larger ponds tend to have more filters to clean.

On top of that, larger ponds need more manpower and labor. This raises the cost because you have to pay the larger crew for their time and work.

Kid snorkeling in large pond that will cost more to maintain

“I always forget that part of the price for projects like these includes wages for the crew,” Tina says. Terry scrolls down to the next factor affecting the cost to maintain a koi pond.

3. Pond Complexity

Complexity involves many things:

  • Shape
  • Number and type of additions
  • What’s around the pond
Example of a complex pond that can raise the cost of koi pond maintenance

If it’s just a normal pond shape then that’ll be the easiest. If you add in a stream, wetland filter, bog, or fountains then that’ll raise the cost.

Checking additions is also part of maintaining a koi pond. Lights, auto-fill devices, filters, and other additions need checking. They need to be working and undamaged so you can enjoy your pond to the fullest.

“We don’t want a light to be out or our IonGen to break down,” Terry says worriedly.

Underwater pond lights and pond lights coloring a pond

Then comes the area around the pond. If it’s crowded with plants, backed up against a fence, or is harder to get to then that can raise the cost of pond maintenance as well.

“Alright, we’re at the last factor that can change the cost to maintain a koi pond!”

4. Type Of Maintenance

“Seems like there are a few different types.”

Woman cleaning her pond with a power washer

You can have ongoing maintenance every week, other week, or month. More frequent visits cost more but your pond will be in pristine condition.

“Pristine condition at all times? That would be wonderful,” Tina sighs dreamily.

Pond netting can protect fish from predators and keep leaves out of your pond as part of fall maintenance

Outside of that you can get spring, fall, and winter maintenance. The spring maintenance process is a full check and clean of your pond to wake it up and get it back to beautiful. Fall maintenance is similar but it can include netting to keep leaves out of your pond. Winter maintenance puts your pond in hibernation mode.

“Ok, all of these factors make sense for why the cost to maintain a koi pond can change. But what about the actual cost?”

So, What Can The Actual Cost Be For Koi Pond Maintenance?

The actual cost for maintaining a koi pond can range from $500-$1,500. This is just an average so don’t be too surprised if you get estimates outside this range.

We do caution that you do your research if it’s on the lower end. It’s always good to know why they’re cheaper than other pond maintenance services.

Time To Get Serious

“Now that we know what goes into a pond maintenance estimate it’ll make more sense why it is whatever it is,” Terry points out. 

All they need to do now is contact a pond maintenance service.