The Best 9 Step Fall Pond Maintenance Process For Your Feature

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The Best 9 Step Fall Pond Maintenance Process For Your Feature

This Is How We Get Client’s Ponds Ready For Fall In Des Moines

It’s a fantastic idea to look up how a contractor should perform maintenance on koi ponds in the fall. Knowing what it involves can help you better prepare for it! In this post, you can find out what our 9 step koi pond fall maintenance process is. You can also discover how these steps help your pond.

Do We Have To Do Anything?

“Do we need to do anything for our pond right now?” asks Adam.

Angela nods. “I believe our pond contractor said something about fall pond maintenance. It’s part of how often to clean a pond, like spring pond maintenance but with a few differences.”

“Like what?” asks Adam curiously. Angela rubs her temples as she thinks. “I can’t quite remember,” she sighs. “Oh, but I know how to find out! We can look on their website blog.” She pulls her phone out of her pocket and starts typing furiously.

“Here we go!” she says excitedly, showing her phone to Adam. He gently takes it from her hands and starts looking through the post.

Here’s what he sees:

Our 9 Steps For Koi Pond Fall Maintenance

  1. Inspect your pond
  2. Fill tubs with water and dechlorinate it
  3. Drain the pond halfway down
  4. Remove debris
  5. Fix any settling edges
  6. Clean the pond and pond parts
  7. Aquatic plant care
  8. Check additions
  9. Refill your pond and reintroduce fish
*Install fall netting if you opt for it

How These Steps Help Your Pond

Inspect Your Pond. We want to make sure your pond is working as it should. If we find that something isn’t working, we’ll contact you. From there we can talk about what next steps you’d like to take.

Fill Tubs With Water And Dechlorinate It. This is for any fish you may have. We dechlorinate the water to make it better for your fish. They’re sensitive to chemicals in tap water.

Drain The Pond Halfway Down. Draining the pond helps us do a deeper clean. We can get the gunk and muck out from between the stones much more easily.

Remove Debris. Sticks, leaves, muck, and anything else dirtying your pond is outta there! We don’t want it breaking down and dirtying up your pond.

Fix Any Settling Edges. Settling edges don’t look good and can lead to a leak. We’ll fix it up so your pond looks great and doesn’t leak.

Clean The Pond And Pond Parts. We flush the rocks out with the original pond water and we also powerwash the pond. This gets the muck out so your pond looks cleaner. We don’t clean out everything because that isn’t good for the pond ecosystem.

Aquatic Plant Care. Trimming and repotting aquatic plants helps your pond look cleaner and neater.

Check Additions. Lights, filters, and other additions have a certain lifespan. We like to make sure they’re working, as they should, to keep your pond beautiful.

Refill Your Pond And Reintroduce Fish. Now we put everything back together!

*You can also ask about using fall netting for your pond. This is great for catching leaves before they get into your pond. Leaves mess up the look and eventually break down into muck.

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“We should think about the fall netting part,” suggests Angela. Adam nods. “I totally agree. While we do that, let’s see what other posts on this blog can be of use.”