4 Ways You Can Use A Smart Pond System To Take Control Of Your Pond

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4 Ways You Can Use A Smart Pond System To Take Control Of Your Pond

You Can Up Your Pond Game With These Cool Automated Features

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Having a pond is awesome, and you can make it even better! A Smart Pond System can give you control over your pond in ways many people never thought possible.

In this post, you’ll find out what you can control about your pond and how it can make it better and easier for you.


“Wow, that’s quite a word mash…don’t know what it means,” laughs Adam.

Angela laughs back. “It’s technology and nature. I’ve been looking at ways we can enjoy our backyard pond even more. I think I’ve found some pretty cool ideas…” she trails off mysteriously.

Adam smiles. “Well, don’t just leave me hanging! Let’s see what you’ve found that you like so much. This means you’ve found something better than the wetland filtration system, right?” Angela pulls her phone out and opens up a webpage. “Here, check out the blog post I found the ideas on. It’s for a Smart Pond System.”

Here’s what Adam sees:

The Smart Pond System

You can take control of your pond in ways nobody could before. The Smart Pond System allows you to use your phone to schedule different controls of your pond, adjust the flow, change the lighting, monitor the temperature, and more to come! 

You can also group Aquascape smart devices together. This allows for quicker and easier control.

1. Scheduling

You can decide when your lights will come on and turn off for your pond, the flow of your waterfall, and more! No need to worry about wasting energy or water when you’re not home. It could also be nice to have your pond lights come on as soon as you get home from work.

2. Adjusting The Flow

Some people find it wasteful to have their pond running full steam all the time. What’s the point if nobody’s home to enjoy it? With this smart pond device, you can put an end to that!

3. Control The Lighting

You can set when the lights turn on and off. No wasting energy and you can come home to see your pond lights already twinkling. You can even change their color if you have the right bulbs!

4. Monitoring The Temperature

This feature’s all about having peace of mind. It can be worrisome not knowing how hot or cold your pond is. With this, you’ll never have to guess again.

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“These seem pretty helpful, and the lights seem fun!” says Adam excitedly. Angela nods and smiles. “Exactly! Makes me wonder what else we can add onto our pond…”

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