Wetland Filtration Systems: Uses And Why You’ll Want One

After Learning About Wetland Filtration Systems You’ll Want One For Your Des Moines Pond

You can learn about wetland filtration systems for your pond right here!

Wetland filtration systems are a great way to keep your pond water clean and clear. The best part about these is that they are a natural system, much like how the sun naturally lights and heats the Earth. This means that wetland filters are a renewable source of filtration and they can look amazing. Like how we can re-create light and heat, we can build a wetland filter.

But, wetland filtering systems should look natural. This way it only serves to enhance your pond and make maintenance even easier for you than it already should be. Let’s learn more about wetland filtration systems for your pond.

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Backyard pond with wetland filter

What Is A Wetland Filtration System?

Basically, a wetland filtration system is a natural filtration system for your pond water. You may have heard of it by its other name: bog. Wetland filters have many of the components necessary for purifying water naturally, namely plants and rocks. They do this by removing excess nutrients, thus limiting algae growth, and any toxic substances.

The plants and rocks are the most important parts. This is because they are what filter the water as it is pushed up through the gravel.

Wetland filtration system diagram showing flow of water

How Does A Wetland Filtration System Work?

It purifies the water through aquatic plants and beneficial bacteria on the gravel.

Aquatic plants are an integral part of a balanced pond ecosystem and help create a natural looking environment. Plants help purify the water by reducing nutrients, filtering out sediments, and absorbing toxic compounds.

The gravel gives the beneficial bacteria a place to grow and absorb the extra nutrients in the water. This helps control algae growth, keeping your water cleaner and clearer.

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Backyard pond

Benefits Of A Wetland Filtration System

You can bring many benefits to your pond with a wetland filter:

  • A beautiful, natural looking water filter
  • Cleaner, clearer water
  • More space for more plants
  • Lower maintenance

Wetlands filters can be added to any size pond. Wetlands work great for both soil bottom retention ponds and backyard liner landscape ponds. They can be added onto any pond and, bonus, they also give you a stream or waterfall!

Stone retaining wall surrounding a pond and small bog

Purify Your Pond’s Water

Wetland bog filters are a great addition to any pond, especially if somebody likes gardening. It can make life better and easier for everything from you to your fish.

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