Why You Will Love A Wetland Filtration System For Your Pond

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Why You Will Love A Wetland Filtration System For Your Pond

A Wetland Filter Addition For Your Pond In Des Moines Can Change Your Pond Experience

A wetland filtration system helps your pond stay cleaner and clearer. Wetland filters add more to your pond and help keep algae from forming.

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A Lovely Addition!

“Do we really need anything else on top of getting a koi pond?” asks Angela.

Adam shrugs. “I mean, if you want to have the best experience possible, then yes.” Angela sighs. “We already have a couple of waterfalls, underwater lights, and stuff to help lower the cost to maintain a pond…” she trails off.

“But a wetland filtration system can help us have less work to do,” Adam points out. Angela frowns and cocks her head to the side. “What do you mean it can help us work less?” Adam smiles as he pulls out his phone.

“Here, let me show you what I found on the pond contractor’s blog. I asked about extra filtration and he pointed me to this post,” says Adam.

Here’s what he shows Angela:

What Is A Wetland Filtration System

A wetland filtration system, also called a bog, is a natural filter for your pond. Water flows into the bottom of the wetland filter and is pushed upward. It goes up through gravel and plant roots, which filter the water. The rocks and plants remove nutrients algae use to grow.

How Wetland Filters For Ponds Work

Water cycles back into the inner workings of the pond. It makes its way from the bottom up to beneath the wetland filtration system.

The water then flows up through rocks and gravel. Beneficial bacteria that live on these rocks clean the water. They take up nutrients algae feed on to grow and other substances.

The water also goes through plant roots. Aquatic plants take up nutrients algae feed on, much like beneficial bacteria do. You’ll have more space for more plants, which can help keep your water cleaner and clearer.

Benefits Of A Wetland Filter

You can bring many benefits to your pond using a wetland filter:

  • A beautiful, natural-looking water filter
  • Get another stream and/or waterfall
  • Cleaner and clearer water
  • Space for more plants
  • Less maintenance work for you
You can add one to your pond no matter the size (of the pond or filter). Wetlands work great for both soil bottom retention ponds and backyard liner landscape ponds.

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“Ok, if we can get more plants and better water then I’m in,” says Angela excitedly. Adam smiles from ear to ear. “Great! Let’s learn a bit more about ponds and pond additions while we’re here.”