Redesigning A Simple Koi Pond Into A Beautiful Backyard Oasis

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Redesigning A Simple Koi Pond Into A Beautiful Backyard Oasis

Renovating Your Koi Pond Can Help You Fall More In Love With Your Des Moines Backyard

Our client wasn’t happy with their koi pond. It wasn’t meeting their needs and it didn’t have the best design and look. They brought us in to change that.

See what the process was like and how it turned out below-

Bursting With Potential

“It looks so much better than it did before the redesign!”

“Me too, especially because I know how happy it makes you,” Dylan replies as he cuts up an onion.

Annie thinks about the whole process she went through to redesign her pond. She remembers how the pond guys said her pond was “bursting with potential.” Personally, she thinks that meant there were a lot of areas they could improve.

To be fair, they did make it a lot better.

Annie’s pond used to be just 18-inches deep. It had a black liner bottom, minimal plants, and it looked more man-made than natural. It was a great pond for a while, but she wanted more.

She did some research on koi pond installers around Des Moines and found a company she liked. Less than a week after they started she had a beautifully redesigned pond.

The Pond Redesign Project

This video shows what we did to redesign the pond and the before/after:

Annie had us dig the pond deeper so her fish would have more room. A deeper pond also means not having to worry about fish during the winter because the water won’t freeze as deep as we’ve made the pond.

The rocks and gravel placed on the bottom give a more natural look than the black liner. She also had us replace the flat slabs of rock around the edge with real rocks. The wood bridge became stepping stones too.

There were 2 problems during this job. One was it rained one day so we couldn’t work. We had to drain the worksite too. Then we ran into some electrical lines and irrigation where we were digging. We worked around it and kept everything on track.

I Love My Pond!

Koi fish diseases are usually caused by parasites, worms, or bacteria. A fungus can also start growing on fish and it isn’t good for them. Common diseases that come from these sources are:

Annie and Dylan love their new pond design. It looks more natural and beautiful, plus it’s easy to care for. The same can be said for their friends who had a pond built in Waukee.