3 Koi Pond Installers Near Des Moines You Can Trust

The only Master Aquascape Certified Contractors in Iowa

3 Koi Pond Installers Near Des Moines You Can Trust

A List Based On Our Experiences, What We Hear, And Reviews From People Near You

You can trust these koi pond installers near you in Des Moines, Iowa to give you a koi pond you’ll love. It’s based on our experience, what we hear, and the reviews clients left online. In the end, it all comes down to who you like and who you feel you can trust.

The 3 pond installers are listed out below.

Who We Gonna Call?

“Ted, I swear if you make a Ghostbusters joke right now…”

Ted stops and closes his mouth into a slight smile. Robin knew what was about to come out of his mouth and she’s trying to be serious right now.

She’s been waiting to install a pond in their yard for over a year now. Since it’s finally able to happen she’s all business about it. The only part left to take care of is to look for koi pond installers near them.

Robin wriggles her phone out of her pocket and opens up the Internet. She pulls up Google and types in ‘koi pond installers near me’.

After an hour of research, it turns out there aren’t many koi pond specialists around Des Moines. There is one but the rest are landscapers who also do water features. She hands her findings to Ted so he can see who she found.

Here are the 3 companies (in alphabetical order) she’s going to contact for a quote. She can always contact JAW, the pond contractor, if she wants a pond specialist.

Country Landscapes

An all-around landscaping company, Country Landscapes wants to provide you with unsurpassed quality in landscape design and construction services. While they are primarily a landscaping company they can and have been installing koi ponds in Des Moines and the surrounding area. They have several locations with their corporate office being in Ames. 

Ted nods his head and scrolls to the next contractor.

Perennial Gardens

Not just a koi pond installer near you but also a landscaping company, Perennial Gardens wants to give you exactly what you want. They started out simply designing, installing, and maintaining gardens. Now they’ve expanded to have full landscaping services. 

Ted likes that they’ll work so hard to meet his expectations. He scrolls on to the 3rd pond installer in Des Moines.

Ted Lare

Located in West Des Moines this company can build an amazing landscape with a water feature included. Their philosophy is to do it right the first time, and that’s the Ted Lare promise.

Wait, There’s A 4th One On Here!

“Wait, there’s one more right?” Ted asks.

There is indeed, and they’re dedicated koi pond installers near Des Moines and the area around it. Robin is definitely considering them, especially after seeing their portfolio page.