Building A Backyard Pond In Waukee, Iowa For A Special Purpose

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Building A Backyard Pond In Waukee, Iowa For A Special Purpose

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We are building a backyard pond for Heidi, one of our favorite clients. Here we are going to explore her journey, from why she wants a pond through to completing it. It all starts at their new home. Let’s see what happens.

Heidi is staring at their empty backyard in excitement again. She can already see herself measuring…

She can hardly wait for the project to begin and for her new pond to be in place. For too long, her family has been stuck with a pond that barely runs.

But Heidi’s pond is still very important to her. It is her escape, her happy place, where she finds comfort for her body, mind, and soul. For her, a pond is more than just backyard decor.

Now she has the chance to start over. She and her husband bought this house specifically for the large, open backyard. They are going to put a magnificent pond back there. It’s going to run and look amazingly.

But first Heidi needs to find a contractor who can build her dream pond. It won’t be easy. She has high expectations so she’ll need the best ones near Waukee, Iowa. She sits down at a table and gets on her computer to do some research.

Who Heidi Finds To Build Her Backyard Pond

Heidi wants to hire someone she can trust.

She finds Aquascape, a pond building and maintenance business. They have certified contractors they guarantee can build great water features.

Heidi uses their pond contractor locator and comes across Just Add Water (JAW). She cruises around their website and sees amazing pictures of ponds, streams, and wetlands. She loves it.

That’s when she and her husband decide to call and schedule an appointment. JAW walks them through their new client process. The couple ends up hiring them for an on-site consultation, after which the couple buys a pond.

Heidi hands them a deposit check for a $35,000 pond.

Whoa. This is going to be a big one.

Building A Large Backyard Pond For Heidi

A 3 week and $35,000 project…

You can have a stream winding its way down to a waterfall that can disappear into a bed of gravel or drop down into a small basin of water.

Just like with the ecosystem pond, a pondless water feature can basically take care of itself. One of the pros of a pondless water feature is that you can use most chemicals to clear out any algae without harming anything like fish.

The end of the project results in more than a pond – it results in a friendship.

Heidi and the JAW guys become fast friends. She involves herself in the designing aspect of the pond build and helps shape her ideal water feature. They love her energy and fun personality. She is becoming a lifelong client.

The entire 3 weeks is fun, even though a 2 man crew and a few rainy days lengthen the timeline.

Will and his 1 man crew finish Heidi’s masterpiece.

The last rocks are in, the plants are planted, and the water is running smoothly (watch the above video to see the process.

Heidi’s pond is 16 feet by 30 feet. It’s also 4 feet deep, so she can go swimming in it.

There is a 12 foot stream, waterfalls, a wetland (for more filtration and plants), a stone slab crossing, and a berm.

Oh, and 40,000 pounds of stone.

Heidi is blown away by her new pond. It’s almost hard for her to believe it’s finally done. The timeline did have to lengthen due to rainy days and a 2 man crew, but the finished pond is worth the wait.

Heidi finally has her ideal space for relaxing and finding comfort.

What Is Heidi Doing Now?

Heidi is enjoying her pond to the fullest! We know because she sends us pictures of her and her loved ones spending time around (and in) it. She even became Pond Central for our June 2019 Pond Tour!

Thank you for choosing us to build your dream pond Heidi.

We can build your dream pond too, check out our new pond page for more information >>