How Often People Clean Ponds, Filters, And Change The Water

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How Often People Clean Ponds, Filters, And Change The Water

This Is What People With Our Ponds Need To Do To Keep It Looking Beautiful

You should do a full pond cleaning once a year, preferably in the spring. Clean your skimmer filters every week and biofalls 3 times a year.

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Will It Be Too Much Cleaning?

“Well, it is a koi pond, so it’ll need more upkeep than most things,” points out Angela.

“Okay, but will it be too much for us to want to do? We can always pay people to do the bigger cleaning, but what about the rest? How often should you clean pond filters? How often should you change koi pond water?” asks Adam.

Angela sighs and shrugs. “I don’t know.” Adam walks over and gives her a hug. “Sorry, I asked way too many questions right there. Here, why don’t we look it up together on Google?”

A small smile plays out on Angela’s face. “That sounds nice, let’s do it!” she says as she takes out her phone. “Hopefully we’ll find out how to clear pond water while we look.”

Here’s what the couple learns:

These pond cleaning processes and tips are for the ponds we build and may not work as well for other ponds

How Often To Clean Your Pond

We recommend a full pond cleaning once per year, preferably during the spring pond maintenance process. It can be done almost any time of the year, though. Most pond owners have bigger cleanings during spring, fall, and winter. This helps keep their pond clean, clear, and beautiful throughout the year.

How Often To Clean Your Pond Filters

We recommend cleaning out the biofall (biological) pond filters 3 times a year. You can have it done during spring clean-out, the fall service process, and winter maintenance. You’ll have to clean them if they clog, which is rare. Clean out the skimmer filters that catch debris at least once per week.

How Often To Change Your Pond Water

We recommend you at least partially change koi pond water during the spring and fall services. We like to save 20 to 50 percent of the water to reuse with a spring clean-out. Fall service is the same but with a 50 percent water change. Otherwise, all you need to do is replace water lost from evaporation (find out more on evaporation vs pond leaks).

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“So all we need to do is check the skimmers weekly, clean the biofalls 3 times per year, and have at least one big cleaning,” sums up Adam. Angela nods excitedly. “See, it’s not that much! Let’s see what else we can learn while we’re here.”