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Pond Cleaning Services And More In Urbandale, Iowa

See What We Can Do To Learn Why Your Des Moines Pond Isn’t Working

You might have something in common with our client here: your pond isn’t working right.

In this case, our client’s pond wasn’t staying full. Worse yet, nobody (not even other contractors) could seem to locate the problem. The water was leaking from somewhere, maybe even multiple somewhere’s, and yet the mystery remained unsolved.

Too bad Scooby-Doo and the gang don’t work with ponds.

Pond before drain and clean services

Our client was frustrated with having to deal with this. They have owned their pond for 15 years and wanted to enjoy it as much as when they first had it installed.

As the problem continued, the client (before they came to us) ended up talking to a client of ours who’s water feature we took care of the previous year. Our previous client recommended our services because they liked what we did and how we did it.

Our soon-to-be client called us up and asked us to come to take a look. Here’s what we did.

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Our Exploratory Pond Drain And Clean Service

1. Observing Your Pond

We need to see the pond in action before we can do anything else.

People may think we’re just standing around your pond looking like statues, but us statues are carefully observing the water flow and thinking about if it’s doing as it should.

If we see something we don’t think is right we like to go on over and take a closer look. For instance, here you can see a river birch root that may be causing a leak in the liner:

River birch root possible interfering with liner and causing a leak

We like to go around the entire pond and find the liner to make sure nothing like this is causing the leak. It may not be the only problem so we’re not stopping yet!

But this is mostly a cleaning service, so let’s start cleaning while we continue looking for problems!

2. Flushing And Removing Debris

Now we get to the down and dirty part of the job.

Pond drained for pond cleaning services and more

We went in and manually removed the leaves, sticks, gunk, and muck from the pond. Then we flushed it out with some of the water we pumped out. But, we don’t want to remove all of it because it is actually important to the overall health of the pond. This muck is where the pond cleaning beneficial bacteria live.

3. Powerwash Pond

Once again this is to remove the stuck on muck and biofilm (algae, dust, dirt, etc), but not all of it. We want the pond ecosystem to recover quickly so the pond stays clean and clear.

4. Reflush

Need to make sure we didn’t miss anything the first go round!

5. Additional Services

This involves dividing plants so they don’t bust out and take over your pond. We also maintain any lights and additions or add them in if you’d like.

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The one thing we needed from the client (and from future clients) is them to be present when we do this exploratory drain and clean. Nobody knows your pond better than you and we will need to ask a few questions so we can do our job right.

The pond might not look right at first, but that’s because it takes 24-48 hours for everything to settle back into normalcy.

The End Result?

We took our findings to our client and handed it to them in the form of a report. There were a few issues we found that need fixing, but it’s up to them as to how they want to do it. They can do it themselves, hire someone else, or (hopefully) ask us to do it.

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