Backyard Water Feature Goes From Leaky Stream To Amazing Pond

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Backyard Water Feature Goes From Leaky Stream To Amazing Pond

Our Client In Polk City Has Us Change His Life By Building Him The Water Feature He Wanted All Along

Turning a client’s stream he wasn’t happy with into a beautiful backyard water feature he loves is just a part of what we do every day.

Watch the renovation video and read about what happens below-

7 Years Of Meh Are Over!

Our client, let’s call him Adam, has never been truly happy with his backyard water feature.

It’s a smaller manmade stream with a few little waterfalls. It’s been there for 7 years and in all that time he’s never been in love with it.

Then the existing pond plumbing line broke over the winter because of a poor installation method by the original contractor. The fix would involve tearing up part of the existing pond.

Adam sees this as an opportunity. He and his wife have been talking about expanding their water feature for a few seasons anyway. They talk it over and decide to use our services to renovate their leaky stream into an amazing pond!

They know us because we were recommended to them by a previous client of ours. We’ve been servicing their stream ever since.

But they still want to do more research before hiring anyone. Adam and his wife look at our other projects. They like what they see and decide to move forward with us. They may have to read our guide for new pond owners so they know how to care for it.

The Plan For This Backyard Water Feature

Adam and his wife want to involve themselves in the project.

Their input involves being able to:

  • See the feature from the deck
  • Fit in more fish and feed them from the deck
  • Install a small stone bridge over the water to take the place of the stone pathway the pond will go through
  • Keep it small enough that it doesn’t keep people out of the yard
Speaking of involvement, in the video you can see his wife on the machine digging when we first start

Adam asks us for multiple options, so we give him 3 price points. He chooses the 20-foot-by-12-foot backyard water feature and we draw him a design.

He and his wife approve and we get them on the schedule.

Building Adam’s New Backyard Water Feature

This video shows you the transformation from a leaky stream to an amazing $26,000 pond:
There were some snags with irrigation lines and plumbing but we were able to figure it out. We did bring in another company to handle the pathway stuff, though. We pretty much stick to the water feature portion of projects.

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Adam and his wife LOVE their new backyard water feature. It looks just how they wanted it to and it works like a charm. Since they had us build it we’ll know the best ways to care for it too.

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