What’s An Exploratory Pond Cleaning And Why Do You Want One?

You Can Get Your Des Moines Pond Inspected And Cleaned Then Learn All About It So You Can Know Your Pond

Spring Pond Cleaning

Que theme music aaaannnddd…..ACTION! Let the backyard pond exploratory cleaning begin. Indiana Jones may not be the one coming to look at your pond, but an exploratory cleaning’s still a great idea. This’ especially true for new pond owners, whether recently constructed or it came with the house.

It’ll save you a huge headache. Sure, you can go online and try and learn everything about backyard ponds, but that’ll take time and effort you probably don’t have. So hire a professional pond contractor. Just Add Water can clean your pond while educating you about it, a classic two fish with one net scenario.

An exploratory pond cleaning will give you all the information about your pond that you’ll need, and maybe even more. Does anything need replacing? What needs to be added or taken away? We can come up with answers like we’re playing a game of 20 Q’s.

Read on to learn how exploratory cleanings can help you!

The Pond Probing Process

We’re not aliens, but we’re going to check out your pond. When we do, we like to look at:

  • Water Feature Specs
    • Ponds need certain parts to function correctly, so we make sure they’re all present and accounted for
  • Lighting
    • LED pond lights really add to a water garden because you can view and enjoy it at night
  • Filtration
    • More filters means cleaner and clearer water for a healthier pond and better viewing pleasure
  • Water Garden Health
    • A healthy water garden’s much better to look at than a sick one
  • Pumps/Plumbing
    • If these stop working, your pond’s not going to last very long, so we check these thoroughly

Just Add Water doesn’t only check to see if everything’s working during an exploratory pond cleaning. We also make recommendations for improvements to try and give you the best backyard pond experience. The final result can be a cleaner pond and lower maintenance, which means less work for you!

Here’s the actual checklist we fill out: Clean Out Report_Edit (1) 

An exploratory pond cleaning’s necessary for the health of your pond and your peace of mind. Having a filthy backyard pond takes away from the beauty of your backyard, causing it to lose value. It may also start to stink. If this’ the case, you can hire professionals like Just Add Water for a full pond cleaning!

Backyard Pond Snorkeling

Well, we’re actually not like Laura Croft either. Which means we’re not raiding your pond, just exploring and cleaning it. If you want to know more about your pond so you can care for it, fill out our contact form or call us at (515)208-4099.