7 Spring Pond Maintenance Steps To Revive Your Pond

How To Wake Your Des Moines Backyard Pond Up For The Spring Season

You can find out what it takes to wake your backyard pond up from its winter sleep so it can be ready for spring. It’s a time and energy-intensive process but in the end, your pond will be reset. Then it can start clearing up, plants can start regrowing, and your pond will be back to beautiful in no time. You can learn the basic 7 steps any pond owner or contractor should take to get a pond ready for spring.

This video shows a brief overview of our spring pond maintenance process:

Time To Rise And Shine!

“It’s finally time!” Rose says as a smile like the sun rises on her face.

She opens her front door to see the Just Add Water team pull up to her home. She sure is glad she decided to contact Just Add Water about doing spring pond maintenance because her backyard pond is a mess.

Rose and the foreman talk about what exactly they’re going to do to her pond. Right now it’s dirty with a bunch of muck covering the bottom, stuff floating around, the plants need tending, and some parts may not be working as well as they should be.

Rose doesn’t want her pond or her fish to suffer, which is why she brought in a professional crew to make her pond healthy and beautiful again.

She decides she wants to watch them as they work. Here is what she sees them do.

Spring Pond Maintenance In 7 Steps

1. Initial inspection
2. Drain pond
3. Remove any fish
4. Power wash and flush pond sides, bottom, and filters
5. Plant care
6. Rock placement
7. Put it all back together again

JAW team performing spring pond maintenance

Rose watches as the JAW team turns her pond on. They check the pumps and plumbing to make sure they work. One of the guys goes along the edge to see if the liner has any openings or is out of place.

After that they drain the pond the pond water, using some of it to fill up a tub with the pond water to move the fish into.

Once the fish are all out they start power washing and flushing out the sides and bottom. This gets rid of most of the algae and nasty brown muck covering the rocks. They won’t get rid of all of it because it’s still part of a healthy pond ecosystem.

They also clean out the filters so the pond can start cleaning itself again (and keep itself that way).

Then the team starts looking after the plants by splitting and fertilizing them as needed. They also rearrange any rocks that shifted over winter.

Finally, Rose watches as the team puts her pond back together again (like Humpty Dumpty, but with a happy ending).

A Wonderful Spring Cleaning

Rose stands beside her backyard pond with the same smile rising on her face as it did when the JAW team first arrived. They told her it would be a couple of days until the water cleared but she can hardly wait! Her pond looks great and she’s excited for the plants to start coming in too.

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