Small And Low-Maintenance Water Features For Backyards You’ll Love

See Some Of The Water Features Clients Around Des Moines Had Us Install In Their Homes
Small pondless backyard water feature

You can see some of the small and low-maintenance water features for backyards clients have been having us bring to their homes.

Find them below-

What A Great Idea!

“I’ve been known to have one every now and then,” smiles Adam.

Angela laughs. “Don’t get too full of yourself, sir. Just because I think getting a small, low-maintenance water feature for our backyard is a good idea doesn’t mean you can go and get a big head.”

Adam rolls his eyes. “Okay, fine. But, really, you like the idea?” Angela nods excitedly. “A small backyard water feature sounds fun and unique! I’m not sure about the low-maintenance part though. Or how much it costs to build and maintain a koi pond.”

Adam shrugs. “I don’t know enough to be able to tell you anything.” Angela frowns then gets her phone out. “Then we can turn to Google for answers!”

“While we’re doing this, let’s see if we can find any pictures of projects near us,” suggests Adam. “Maybe we’ll find something really good and someone who can create what we want.”

Here’s what the couple discovers:

Small, Low-Maintenance Backyard Water Features In Des Moines

Small pondless waterfall with gravel basin

Smaller backyard water features can be ponds, pondless, fountains, or a combination of them. Small ponds tend to be less than 10-feet by 15-feet. Smaller pondless features might have a few feet of stream and a waterfall.

How Are They Low-Maintenance?

Small backyard pond

Each of the types of water features has a different level of maintenance.

For ponds, you’ll only have a few minutes of cleaning per week. This is usually just clearing the skimmer baskets of debris. You’ll need a pond contractor for the deeper koi pond maintenance processes. These are deeper cleanings that ready your water feature for the season. Ponds need at least one per year.

This is all possible because we build ecosystem ponds. The way they’re built is like a natural pond, including the natural filters. They keep themselves clean and clear so you don’t have to!

Small backyard water feature with multiple waterfalls

Pondless water features have even less maintenance. There’s less water and they’re easier to clean. They might need one bigger cleaning per year.

Fountains are easy to clean unless they get really dirty. Then it might take a contractor to be able to restore it to its original condition.

Fountain on patio with fire in the middle

More Pictures Of Small Backyard Water Features

Waterfall led lights
Small stream waterfall
Natural rock fountain

You May Also Like To Know

“These look amazing! I’d love to have one of these small backyard water features for our home,” says Adam. “Maybe we can!” says Angela. “Let’s look for more information on this blog and see what we can do.”