Backyard Pond Ideas That Can Make Any Size Yard More Amazing

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Backyard Pond Ideas That Can Make Any Size Yard More Amazing

See The Ponds Clients Around Des Moines Have Us Create For Their Homes

Backyard pond ideas include underwater lights, viewing stones, plantings, waterfalls, and other awesome additions you will want for yours.

Discover what they look like below-

Now What?

“We decided on getting a backyard pond, so do we call somebody or…” asks Adam.

Angela purses her lips as she thinks. “We could, and they would help us design the pond and stuff. I think we should go into it with some ideas. Let’s see what backyard pond ideas we can find.”

Adam nods. “I like that plan. Then we can look at the cost of a pond and get some other information. It’s best to go into a project like this as prepared as possible.” Angela gives him a small smile. “I like the way you think. Let’s see what we can find on Google.”

Angela gets her phone out of her purse and starts looking on Google. Here’s what she and Adam find:

Backyard Pond Ideas

Backyard pond ideas go beyond just size. It also includes the shape of the pond, waterfalls, streams, underwater lights, additions, plants, and even the location in your backyard.

Here are some ideas clients have had us create for their backyards:

Cool Ideas You’ll Want For Your Pond

Lights are an amazing addition to any pond. You can even put them under the water! They can make your pond seem like a magical grotto. You’ll also get more enjoyment from your pond because you can see it at night too.

Fish caves give your fish a place to hide from predators. It’s also something fun for them to swim around in.

You can use larger logs to create a more natural look for your pond too.

Small Pond Ideas

Small backyard ponds are usually smaller than 10-feet by 15-feet. They’re still 2-feet deep so if you put fish in there they can survive winter without freezing.

Ideas For Average Size Ponds

The average backyard pond is about 10-feet by 15-feet and is still 2-feet deep. While it might be the average size, it still gives an above-average experience!

Big Backyard Pond Ideas

Large backyard ponds can be big enough to go wading in! With a larger size comes more options for additions.

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“These are some fantastic backyard pond ideas! We should definitely use some of them,” says Angela excitedly. Adam smiles and nods. “I love it! Let’s write some down and keep looking for more information on ponds.”