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How You Can Protect Your Pond Fish From Predators In Iowa

Keep And Enjoy Your Fish For Longer By Protecting Them From Iowa Predators

There are several different methods for protecting your pond fish from predators including fish caves and tunnels, decoys, netting, and more. Here you can see these different types and learn more about them. These methods can keep your fish where they belong- in your pond, not in the stomach of a heron or other predator.

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Blue heron hunting in a pond

Protect Fish With Caves And Tunnels

These are a great way to protect fish and you can add them to already built ponds! You can build them right into the walls of a water feature using drainage pipes wrapped in protective fabric and covered with the liner. The caves blend in with the pond by using stones and aquatic plants, which also make it more inviting for your fish. You can expand the caves into “swim-unders”, allowing fish to swim around while waiting for a predator to leave. Tunnels can also protect fish while giving them more area to swim in.

Fish cave to protect fish from predators

Other Forms Of Fish Protection

  • Netting for more than keeping predators out of your pond, netting is great for fall maintenance as it keeps leaves out too
  • Decoys- statues of herons (which are highly territorial), dogs, alligators, or other natural rivals. Move them around every so often so predators won’t notice they never move
  • Floating Plants- they can’t catch what they can’t see, so give your fish some camouflage while they swim
  • Motion Sensors- sudden lights, sounds, or a stream of water can chase off the fish-feeders
  • Fishing Line- trip up herons and other predatory birds and give your fish time to hide
Pond netting can protect fish from predators and keep leaves out of your pond as part of fall maintenance

Protecting Your Fish

It’s easy to protect fish, you just need to know how to do it! You don’t have to let those pesky predators steal your beautiful fish right out from under you. There is more to protect your fish from than predators, such as lack of oxygen in the water. Improper aeration (putting oxygen in the water) can cause serious harm and in some cases death.

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