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Turning A Pool Into A Pond

It’s like trying to turn a bus into an airplane. While they are both modes of transportation, they’re still completely different. You can’t slap a pair of wings on a bus and call it a day though. It takes time and effort to make a transformation that big happen.

It took us 4 weeks to turn this pool into a pond:

The Job Specs

  • 27′ x 18′ pond
  • Stream, aquatic plants, and several add-ons
  • Wetland filter
  • 25 tons of stone (heavier than most buses)
  • 8,000 gallons

If you want to learn how converting a pool to a pond is possible, you can follow along with our process in this article.

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Before pool was converted to a pondAfter pool to pond conversion birds eye view

Process Of A Pool To Pond Conversion

The first step was to assess the situation and see if we could even do it. After looking around the property, we decided it was a job we could handle. We got everything squared away with the homeowner and then we were off!

To kick off the project, we:

  1. Drained the pool
  2. Dug up the bottom
  3. Put a few layers of dirt in the bottom
  4. Laid pond liner down
  5. Rocked it out

Getting the actual pond area laid out is an important first step because it was the base for the whole project. Here are some photos of the process:

After the pond area was ready we started on the stream and waterfall that would fill up the pond. We brought in literally tons of rocks and logs to add to the natural look. We wanted to make it so nobody would be able to tell this was a pool to pond conversion.

The stream ended up looking amazing, you can see for yourself:

We also did some smaller projects around his yard:

  • Smaller pond against the house
  • Walking trails around the yard
  • Natural fish cave in his pond

Completion Of This Pool To Pond Conversion

All the time and effort spent paid off big time for this homeowner. He ended up with a mini national park in his yard, and you can hear him say those exact words in the video at the top of this page. We’re happy that we were able to improve his life by enhancing his backyard and welcome him into our backyard pond family.

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