Swimming Pool To Koi Pond: Creating An Amazing Backyard

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Swimming Pool To Koi Pond: Creating An Amazing Backyard

Helping Convert A Client’s Ideal Backyard From Pool To Pond In The Des Moines Area

You can turn your swimming pool into a koi pond. It can take weeks but it can be worth it to see your yard go from looking man-made to looking like a natural slice of paradise. The basic outline for a pool to koi pond conversion is to drain it, dig out the bottom, layer it with dirt, lay down the liner, and finally add rocks and gravel.

Watch this video to hear a touching story about this project then you can…

Get It Outta Here

“Can you do a swimming pool to koi pond conversion?”

James is tired of having a pool in his backyard, which is why he’s calling around asking pond contractors if they can turn it into a koi pond for him.

He’s only heard “No” and “Sorry, we can’t do that” so far, but his luck is about to change.

James calls Just Add Water and they tell him not only can they do the project but they can make it look amazing. After looking at their before and after pictures he decides to trust them and decides to hire Just Add Water.

Turning A Swimming Pool Into A Koi Pond

James’ project turns into basically a total backyard renovation. 

The specs for the project include:

  • 27×18-foot pond
  • Stream, aquatic plants, and several add-ons
  • Wetland filter
  • 25 tons of stone (the average weight of a loaded garbage truck)
  • 8,000 gallons of water

It’s not just one pond either. There’s the main pond and then a smaller one right next to his house along with walking trails and a fish cave in the pond.

Here’s how we decide to go about turning his swimming pool into a koi pond.

The Process

James let’s Just Add Water see what they need to do to make this project happen. After looking around the property they know exactly what they need and how they’re going to do it.

The process for the swimming pool to koi pond project goes like this:

  1. Drain the pool
  2. Dig up the bottom
  3. Put a few layers of dirt in the bottom
  4. Lay pond liner down
  5. Rock it out

James’ project took about 4 weeks to finish, and it was some hard labor too. But in the end, in his own words, “It just looks like you’re in a national park.”

The Result

$75,000 and a lot of labor later, here is what James now has in his backyard:

The stream winds its way through the many plants before it waterfalls into the main body of water. He can sit right next to it and feed the mallards that come to visit:

James also has a smaller pond right up next to his house that he can sit beside and enjoy:

You Can Have The Backyard You Want

James now has his ideal backyard. It’s a natural looking paradise that he can enjoy for years to come (and it’s a lot more interesting than a swimming pool).

You can start building your slice of paradise using our new pond service >>