Ion Gen: The Automatic Water Cleaner You Have To Have

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Ion Gen: The Automatic Water Cleaner You Have To Have

This Automatic Water Cleanser Can Help Your Des Moines Pond Stay Cleaner And Clearer

Does your pond seem to become an algae pit no matter what you do? Some people’s ponds can look like a swamp monster’s about to come out of it. Even people with new ponds can need help controlling algae. No matter what they try, they end up having to have continuous maintenance on a water feature that is supposedly low maintenance. Most of them solve this problem by installing the Ion Gen Automatic Dosing System!
Learn more about the Ion Gen Water Clarifier by watching this video:

The Ion Gen can drastically reduce algae maintenance without using chemicals. It’s also easy to install, but that isn’t the best feature. The best part is it’s safe for the environment. This includes fish, plants, and any animals that may drink from the water feature, such as your pets. Read on to find out how it works.

How the Ion Gen Works

The Ion Gen automatic control panel sends signals to a copper probe, causing it to release copper ions into the water. The probe typically lasting 1-3 seasons, depending on the ionization operation level and size of the water feature. The unique combination of metal ions can increase water quality, clarity and drastically reduce the need for traditional pond chemicals. The Ion Gen improvements to your pond include:

  • Drastically reducing algae pond maintenance.
  • Helping reduce unsightly string algae.
  • Compatibility with water containing fish and plants.
  • Energy efficiency (less than $1 a month in electricity cost).
  • Treating ponds up to 25,000 gallons.

We Recommend It

The difference between a water feature that has an ion gen and one that doesn’t is huge and easy to tell. It not only makes your pond healthier and clearer, but it makes it more enjoyable by increasing the beauty while reducing the maintenance. Everyone wants to enjoy a clean, algae-clear pond. You can have one as well with the ion gen auto dosing system. We love this product and know you will too.