The Best Ways For How To Control Algae In A Koi Pond

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The Best Ways For How To Control Algae In A Koi Pond

Learn How You Can Keep Your Pond Clean And Clear So You Can Better Enjoy It

There are a few ways for how to control algae in a koi pond. Make sure your pond’s working properly, install more filters, or use treatments.

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What, Is It String Pea Soup?

“Yeah, our koi pond’s starting to look like a bowl of nasty soup,” groans Adam.

Angela makes a sound of disgust. “Well, I hate it and we need to do something to fix it, now.” Adam frowns and nods in agreement.

“What do you suggest? The best way I know to control algae in a koi pond is to get a pro to clean it out,” says Adam. Angela rolls her eyes. “That’s a great plan, but it could take too long. Who knows how long it can take them to get a team out here?”

Adam runs his hand through his thinning hair. “Well, then let’s look up how to control algae in koi ponds on Google. It might give us some short-term solutions. We might as well look up koi pond maintenance how-to’s while we’re doing this.”

He looks over to see Angela typing furiously into her phone. He chuckles and scoots over so he can read the screen too.

Here’s what the couple finds:

How To Control Algae In Koi Ponds

You can control algae in koi ponds by troubleshooting the pond to see if anything’s broken, allowing algae to form. You can also use living filters, install more mechanical filters, add rocks and gravel, or algae treatments.

1. Troubleshooting Your Pond

Much of the time, algae forms when something isn’t working right.

You may find a filter isn’t working right or rainwater runoff is coming into your pond, upsetting the water balance. Whatever it is, you might want to have whoever built it (or a better company) give it a once-over.

2. Using Living Water Filters

Control algae in koi ponds using plants, fish, and beneficial bacteria.

Plants take up nutrients that algae feed off of. This keeps the algae from being able to feed and grow. There are a few different types of aquatic plants. Submerged plants add oxygen to the water and floating plants block the sun. Both of these keep algae from growing. Plus, you’re beautifying your pond at the same time!

Fish love algae and they’re fun to watch and have in a koi pond. They’re an especially great way to control string algae in ponds. Algae is a tasty snack for them!

Beneficial bacteria help keep your pond water clean and clear. They build up colonies over time and they’re a part of the biological filter in your waterfall. You can buy them online and add them to your pond to control algae.

3. Installing More Mechanical Filters

Also called skimmers, mechanical filters can help control algae in a koi pond.

Skimmers collect leaves and debris in a basket you have to clean out every so often. This keeps them off the bottom where they otherwise turn into waste that feeds algae.

You can install an Ion Gen to clear string algae from your koi pond. It uses metal ions (safe for all forms of life besides algae) to clean the water. It can be added to your skimmer or another area. It’s easy to maintain and you won’t even notice the cost to operate it.

4. Adding Rocks And Gravel

This does more than help control algae in koi ponds.

Rocks and gravel look beautiful as part of the bottom and sides of a pond. They make ponds seem more natural, especially when you compare it to a black liner bottom. Rocks and gravel are home to beneficial bacteria, which clean your water.

5. Using Algae Treatments And Water Clarifiers

Make sure any treatment is fish and plant safe first!

These help get rid of the algae, but not necessarily what’s causing it. They bind waste particles together so you can see and remove it (or let the filters do it). A few treatments include Greenclean (all-natural), AlgaeFix (EPA approved safe for plants and fish), and Sludge Remover Bacteria (targets the organic material).

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“Now we know how to control algae in our koi pond, so let’s get to it!” says Angela determinedly. Adam slides the phone out of her hand. “Let’s take a look around this blog. We might find more information we’d like to know about koi ponds,” he says.

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