How To Clear Pond Water In 5 Ways And Keep It Looking That Way

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How To Clear Pond Water In 5 Ways And Keep It Looking That Way

You Can Keep Your Pond Clean, Clear, And Beautiful For Your Des Moines Home

There are 5 ways you can learn how to clear pond water. Most of them you can start doing today so you can enjoy a clearer pond sooner. The most obvious, though complicated way, is to do a full pond cleaning.

You can find the rest of the ways in the post below-

Clearer Than Pea Soup

“The water’s so murky and dirty! It’s nasty-looking. How’re we going to fix this?”

Louis sighs and scratches his head. He doesn’t know what to do, he’s never owned a pond before. “Sorry, Sharon, but I have no idea. We gotta ask around or do some research to find that out.”

He sees Sharon looking out worriedly over the pond. Besides the first few days after it was built it’s been clear and beautiful. But now they can barely see the bottom, let alone their fish. “I know!” Sharon says suddenly. “Let’s contact the pond contractor who installed our pond and ask for his advice.” Before Louis has the chance to say anything Sharon whips out her phone. She pulls up her email and sends the contractor one titled ‘it looks like that scene from The Excorcist in our pond’. She must’ve caught them at a good time because the response was fairly quick. Here is what the contractor sent the couple on how to clear pond water-

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5 Ways To Clear Pond Water

  1. Pond cleaning and maintenance
  2. Adding an Ion Gen
  3. More pond life
  4. Water treatments
  5. Adding or upgrading filters
“This is a nice list, but is there anything else?” Louis asks. Sharon scrolls down to find more information on each way to clear pond water.

1. Cleaning Your Pond Back To Clear (Or Maintaining It)

“It looks like we need to do this a couple of times a year anyway.”

Sometimes all your pond needs is a good, thorough cleaning. We’re talking a full drain and clean so anything that could be causing the cloudy water is taken care of.

Most ponds need a spring cleaning process, fall maintenance, and winter shutdown. Some of our clients have us maintain their pond weekly throughout the season. This makes sure it’s beautiful, clear, and protected all year round.

“Well, our pond is fairly new so I don’t think it needs a cleaning yet,” Louis points out. Sharon nods and scrolls downward.

2. Add An Ion Gen For String Algae

“Add a what now?”

You can install an Ion Gen to clear string algae from your pond water. It uses metal ions (safe for all forms of life beside algae) to clean the water. It can be added to your skimmer or another area. It’s easy to maintain and you won’t even notice the cost to operate it.

“This seems like something we should look into a little more,” Sharon notes. Louis agrees. They scroll down to see what other ways there are to clear pond water.

3. More Pond Life

“Fish, plants, and…beneficial bacteria?”

Fish eat algae and plants use the nutrients algae feed on. Beneficial bacteria appear naturally in ponds and clean the water by feeding on waste and it’s byproducts.

“So, we add beneficial bacteria and it should help. Might take a few days but that’s pretty quick considering these little things are cleaning an entire pond,” Louis says.

“Sounds right to me,” Sharon says as she scrolls to the last way to clear pond water.

4. Water Treatments

“Do they mean chemicals?”

Water treatments aren’t chemicals. It’s an addition to the water that helps clear it. Our go-to is an auto doser, which is basically an IV drip for your pond. Throughout the day it will add stuff to the pond, like beneficial bacteria, that keeps it clear and healthy. It’s less work and worry for you!

“And now there’s just one more option left.”

5. Add Or Upgrade Filters

“Yeah, this also makes a lot of sense.

This happens via a remodel. You can add a biofalls/skimmer system or upgrade from a biofalls to a wetland filter or a skimmer to an intake bay. This is a great solution for failing pond systems.

“Well, he sure gave us a good amount of information to think about,” Sharon says.

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“Why don’t we start with water treatments first. The auto doser sounds like it can solve our problem and keep our water clear too,” Sharon suggests. Louis nods. “And if that doesn’t work we can discuss what to do from there.” The couple hunkers down to do some more pond research.