Custom Pond Construction For Your Home In Des Moines & The Surrounding Areas

If you’re considering adding mother nature to your backyard with a pond, fountain, or water feature, Just Add Water can help!

Adding a new pond to your home or place of business is no small feat, nor should it be. These little (or large, depending on your style) pieces of paradise have the ability to change the feel of your yard or family dynamic.

Since there are several types of new ponds that are able to be constructed, each one has a different look and feel to it. For now, we’re going to focus on the basic pond. When someone says the “koi pond” or “backyard pond,” this is what we’re talking about!

Ready To Get Started On A Pondless Water Feature Project?

Our New Pond Construction Process

Pond Backyard Addition IN Des Moines

Starting With Just A Yard

With any brand new pond build, the yard is usually just an all grass lawn. As pond artists, we like to think of this as our blank canvas. We’ll usually spray the outline of the pond so the crew and the homeowner are on the same page as far as shape and design go.

Digging Your New Pond

The next step once the pond outline is agreed upon is to start digging. Majority of the time we use hand tools to do this to ensure that your yard doesn’t turn into a war zone. We will occasionally use a machine on larger jobs when the access to the new pond is good. Our water features have what we call “shelves” in which plants can be set on. We’ll get into this later!

Adding The Liner And Filtration System

Once the entire feature is dug, both the pond and potentially a stream, the next step is to add the underlayment and rubber liner. As you can imagine, this is to keep the water inside the pond! Underlayment is a cloth that helps to protect the rubber from being punctured by any sharp rocks that may lie in the foundation.

At this time, the filtration system is installed. We use Aquascape pond products as the equipment to help keep your ecosystem as close to the way mother nature intended it to be.

Rocks And Gravel Are Next In The Pond Build Process

Adding rocks and gravel help with both the aesthetics and the functionality of your pond. One cool thing about the rocks are that these can help to divert the water in a stream to make it look exactly as you want it to!

Stepper Edge And Surroundings

A stepper edge are the rocks that surround a water feature. Most clients opt for these because the point is so that it adds the ability to get up close to your pond with the ability to stand on stable, flat rocks.