5 Aquatic Plants For Ponds You’ll Want To Get Today

You Can Use These Pond Plants To Beautify Your Pond Without Adding Too Much Work
Aquatic plants for ponds in a pond

You won’t want to miss out on these amazing aquatic plants for ponds! These pond plants are beautiful and easy to care for, plus you can buy them locally!

Find out what these plants are and see what they can look like below-

It’s Time For A New Look

“Now that we followed the spring pond cleaning steps, it’s time for a fresh look!”


Abby smiles as she thinks about how her pond’s going to look. She shakes her head, snapping out of her daydream. Now is the time to focus, not dream.

“Hey hon, what are you up to?” asks Taylor as he walks into the kitchen. “I’m about to find some new aquatic plants for ponds! It’s time to spice up the look again,” she replies.

Aquatic plants in and around pond

“That’ll be fun! Think you’ll get some water lilies again?” Abby thinks for a moment. “Yeah, but a different type this time. That’ll be the first one I look up!”

Abby picks her phone up off the counter. She opens up Google and searches for pond plants.

After searching, here are the 5 she really wants-

5 Aquatic Plants For Ponds

  1. Pink Sensation Lilies
  2. Blue Flag Iris
  3. Corkscrew Rush
  4. Pickerelweed
  5. Arrowhead Plant

“That’s quite the list you have there. Got any pictures to go with it?” asks Taylor. Abby tilts the phone so he can see. “I sure do! And I found out a little bit about them too.”

Koi fish with beautiful yellow lotus

1. Pink Sensation Lilies

“This is said to be the most beautiful of all lilies.”


And whoever says that is right! Pink Sensation lilies can bloom on the water’s surface all season long. These floating plants can even change colors as the season goes on. The flowering parts aren’t the entire plant though. Lilies can take up to 5 feet of space. 

Abby’s eyes shine with excitement. “I cannot wait to see this aquatic plant for ponds blooming in our backyard!” She scrolls on to show Taylor her next choice.

Floating plants are one of a few ways to control pond algae >>

2. Blue Flag Iris

“They look so elegant and delicate!”


Blue Flag irises are great for decorating pond edges. They like really wet soil and a lot of sunlight. You’ll usually see them bloom in late spring and early summer. They grow to about 3 feet tall, creating a beautiful backdrop for ponds.

Taylor points to a line on the screen. “We’ll need several because it says here they live longer as a colony.” Abby smiles up at him as she scrolls to the next of these aquatic plants for ponds.

3. Corkscrew Rush

“Ho-hooo wow! What a gnarly looking plant, I love it!”

Corkscrew rush as one of the more popular pond plants in Des Moines

It’s all in the name. Corkscrew Rush is a pond plant that can decorate the ground-level of your pond’s edges. They grow about 1 foot tall and wide. During summer they bloom small, brownish-green clusters.

“Those curls remind me of your long blonde curls,” Taylor says with a wink. Abby blushes a bit as she scrolls on to the fourth of these aquatic plants for ponds.

4. Pickerelweed

“It doesn’t look like a weed at all.”


Pickerelweeds can grow to be 2-3 feet tall. Like Blue Flag irises, they too create colonies on the edges of ponds. Their violet-blue flowers add a striking look to anywhere they grow.

“Plus we can eat their leaves as greens and roast their seeds too,” Abby says, half-serious. Taylor raises an eyebrow curiously as Abby scrolls to the last of these aquatic plants for ponds.

5. Arrowhead Plant

“It’s pretty, but it doesn’t remind me of any arrowhead I’ve ever seen.”

Arrowhead pond plants

Arrowhead plants grow small white flowers during summer. It grows up to 2 feet tall and loves sunny areas. They also help filter your pond water so it stays cleaner and clearer.

“That’s super great! It’s beautiful and functional,” Taylor grins.

Now, Off To The Garden Center

Abby grabs the car keys “C’mon Taylor! There’s no time like the present to start.” Taylor rushes to get his shoes on. “Where are we going, exactly?” Abby smiles. “To the Canoyer Garden Center! They’re sure to have these pond plants.”