Aquatic Plants For Ponds You’ll Want To Have Or Avoid In Des Moines

These Are The Best And Worst Pond Plants To Have in Your Water Feature
Aquatic plants for ponds in a pond

Having the right aquatic plants for ponds will take your water feature to new heights! The wrong ones can make life very hard for your pond.

Find out the best and worst in the post below-

It Looks Like A JUNGLE!

“Ugh, I can’t believe this! How did we mess up so badly?” Adam sighs in frustration.

Angela frowns at the pond in disgust. “It looks like an overgrown hole because of all the plants we put in there. Some of the aquatic plants for ponds were doing well, but now…”

Adam cracks his knuckles. “Well, should I start removing them or are we going to hire a pond contractor to take care of it? I can look at the costs for maintaining a pond and also ask them to recommend some pond plants for us.” Angela gets out her phone. “You can decide on that. I’m going to look up plants that work well for ponds in Des Moines.”

As Adam decides what to do, Angela finds some great pond plants. Here are the ones that didn’t work out and the 5 she’s going to replace them with:

Aquatic Plants For Ponds In Des Moines

Five great aquatic plants for ponds in Des Moines are Pink Sensation lilies, Blue Flag Iris, corkscrew rush, pickerelweed, and arrowhead plants. 5 bad plants include Naiad, milfoil, Cabomba, curly-leaf pondweed, and phragmites. They can be an invasive species and take over your pond.

Koi fish with beautiful yellow lotus

1. Pink Sensation Lilies

Pink Sensations lilies are said to be the most beautiful of all the lilies.


And whoever says that is right! This might even be the most beautiful of the aquatic plants for ponds. Pink Sensation lilies can bloom on the water’s surface all season long. These floating plants can even change colors as the season goes on. The flowering parts aren’t the entire plant though. Lilies can take up to 5 feet of space.

Floating plants like these are one of the ways to control pond algae.

2. Blue Flag Iris

These plants look elegant and delicate in ponds.


Blue Flag irises are great for decorating pond edges. They like really wet soil and a lot of sunlight. You’ll usually see them bloom in late spring and early summer. They grow to about 3 feet tall, creating a beautiful backdrop for ponds.

This aquatic plant for ponds lives longer and healthier when it’s part of a colony.

3. Corkscrew Rush

This is one gnarly looking plant and that’s part of what makes it so great for water features.

Corkscrew rush as one of the more popular pond plants in Des Moines

You could almost guess what this pond plant looks like by the name alone. Corkscrew rush is one of the aquatic plants for ponds that decorate the pond edges nearer the ground. They grow about 1 foot tall and wide. During summer they bloom small, brownish-green clusters.

4. Pickerelweed

The beauty of this pond plant belies its odd-sounding name.


Pickerelweeds violet-blue flowers add a striking look to anywhere they grow. Like Blue Flag irises, they too create colonies on the edges of ponds and live better lives that way. They can grow to be 2-3 feet tall.

Fun fact- you can eat their leaves as greens in a salad and roast their seeds for snacks.

5. Arrowhead Plant

It certainly doesn’t look like an arrowhead, but it sure is pretty!

Arrowhead pond plants

Arrowhead plants grow small white flowers during summer that contrast wonderfully with the greens, blues, and pinks of other aquatic plants for ponds. It grows up to 2 feet tall and loves sunny areas. They also help filter your pond water so it stays cleaner and clearer.

It’s beautiful and functional, which makes it even more amazing!

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“Adam! I found the perfect plants for our pond,” Angela says excitedly. “Perfect because I think we should hire a pond contractor to come clean out this pond. We might as well get a full cleaning while we’re at it,” Adam suggests. Angela agrees and turns back to her phone to see what else she can find.