What Is A Koi Pond And Why You’ll Want One In Your Backyard

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What Is A Koi Pond And Why You’ll Want One In Your Backyard

Learn Why Koi Ponds Are So Popular As A Home Addition In Des Moines

A koi pond is a beautiful and unique addition to any home. Ecosystem koi ponds look so natural and they basically take care of themselves.

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They Actually Have These?!

“Wait, people have koi ponds in their backyards?!” Angela gasps.

Adam nods, a smile growing on his face. “Incredible, right? I’d never even heard of a koi pond before and then I saw one in someone’s backyard. Seeing them in person is even better.”

Angela frowns in thought. “Well, obviously it’s a pond with koi in it, but what is a koi pond, exactly? They do look beautiful, but what makes them so good? I wonder how much a koi pond costs to build and maintain.”

Adam shrugs. “I’m not too sure. Let’s Google it and find out.” He switches tabs on his phone and starts searching as Angela looks on.

Here is what they end up finding out:

What Is A Koi Pond?

A koi pond is a body of water that houses koi fish. You can find koi ponds in the backyards of homes all across the world. Ecosystem koi ponds are set up so that they basically care for themselves. This means less work and more enjoyment for you.

Ecosystem koi ponds are made of 5 elements:

  1. Biological filters
  2. Mechanical filters
  3. Aquatic plants
  4. Rocks and gravel
  5. Fish

All of these components help clean the pond water and make it look more natural.

The biological filter usually makes up the waterfall. The water flows through the pumps, then through the filter in the waterfall, and then out into the pond or stream.

Mechanical filters (aka skimmers) pull in leaves, sticks, and other debris. This keeps the pond more clear and makes it easier for you to clean. It only takes a few minutes a week to clean out the skimmers. Not doing so, or not having skimmers, will cause your pond to become dirty and fill with algae.

Aquatic plants look amazing and eat nutrients algae eat to grow. Fish also eat these nutrients and add life to your pond. It’s fun to watch them swim around and to feed them. You can use both of these to start a new hobby too!

Rocks and gravel add to the natural look. It’s much better than a black rubber liner bottom. Rocks also house beneficial bacteria. These bacteria keep the water cleaner and clearer.

Why People Love Koi Ponds For Their Home

The biggest reason is relaxation.

Koi ponds are relaxing to be near. The sight and sound of water put people at ease and gets their mind of off their stresses and worries for a while.

They’re also a wonderful addition for homes that like to host friends and family. Koi ponds are conversation pieces and wonderful as a background.

Koi ponds also get people outside more. Being outside is great for health reasons. The sun and fresh air really do a body good. Kids love to explore koi ponds too!

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“Wow, maybe we should start thinking about getting a koi pond for our home,” says Angela. “I agree! Let’s do some research and see what we can learn,” suggests Adam.