The Top 10 Pitfalls of DIY Pond Maintenance: Why You Need Just Add Water Experts

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Having a pond in your backyard is like owning a little piece of paradise. It’s a serene retreat right at your doorstep. But maintaining this slice of heaven isn’t as easy as pie. Many homeowners dive headfirst into the world of DIY pond maintenance, only to find themselves in deep water. At Just Add Water, we’re all about professional pond care, and here’s why.

  1. Filter Fumbles: A lot of folks underestimate the importance of a good filtration system for their pond. Clear water and happy, healthy fish require the right filter. Our pros at Just Add Water can help you pick and install the perfect one for your pond.
  2. Fish Food Faux Pas: Feeding your fish too much can muck up your water and make your fish sick. Our team knows just how much and how often to feed your fish to keep them in tip-top shape.
  3. Seasonal Slip-ups: Each season comes with its own set of pond care challenges. From winterizing your pond to fighting off summer algae blooms, our experts have got you covered year-round.
  4. Chemical Catastrophes: Sure, some chemicals can help keep your water clean, but misuse can do more harm than good. Our knowledgeable team knows how to use these chemicals safely and effectively.
  5. Plant Problems: Aquatic plants can be a boon for your pond, but without proper care, they can take over. We can help you choose the right plants and keep them under control.
  6. Wildlife Woes: Local wildlife can wreak havoc on your pond. Whether it’s herons feasting on your fish or raccoons rummaging through your plants, we’ve got solutions to keep them at bay.
  7. Aeration Aggravations: Proper aeration is crucial for the health of your pond’s ecosystem. Without it, you could face a whole host of issues. Our pros can make sure your pond has the right aeration system.
  8. Sludge Setbacks: Over time, sludge can build up in your pond, leading to all sorts of problems. Regular cleanings by our team can prevent this and keep your pond in pristine condition.
  9. Inspection Ignorance: Regular check-ups can nip potential problems in the bud. Our experts know what to look for and can provide regular maintenance checks.
  10. Repair Regrets: It might be tempting to tackle repairs yourself, but this can often do more harm than good. Our team has the right tools and know-how to handle repairs without causing additional damage.

Maintaining a pond might seem like a walk in the park, but as you can see, there are many potential trip-ups. By bringing in the pros at Just Add Water, you can sidestep these common mistakes and ensure your pond remains a tranquil and healthy oasis. After all, a well-cared-for pond isn’t just a pretty sight; it’s a balanced ecosystem that will flourish for years to come.

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Just Add Water is a locally-owned company that serves the state of Iowa for over 17 years. Our team is very enthusiastic about upgrading the yards and properties for all of our fellow Iowans, and we have the experienced crew to do so!

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I’ve worked with Just Add Water for two water features. They have always been good listeners and eager to get the work up to my specs. The Just Add Water Team is very creative and loves what they do! They take on any challenge, find a solution and get it done!

If you are looking for a professional approach to beautify your yard, I highly recommend Chris, Will, and their team for the project!

John Olsen


The crew & office staff at Just Add Water make the perfect team to create a water feature that enhances your life. If you are just looking for advice, or if you need repairs to an existing water feature, or if you want something totally new for your landscape… Just Add Water is the place to go.

They removed our old pond and invented a beautiful fresh look with a pondless system of 3 waterfalls. We’re very pleased and truly impressed with their artistry and sincere demeanor. Give them a chance. You’ll be glad you did!

John Gray


We hired Just Add Water to create a waterfall feature in our backyard. What we didn’t expect was the overwhelming beauty that happened when they were finished! Chris came to our house on a Sunday, no less, to plan our design, and his crew worked on a Saturday after a long week to do our project.

Amazing, stunning, and much more than we ever dreamed! Professional, and over-the-top design, you won’t be disappointed!!

Joan Campbell