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How Does The Ecosystem Of A Pond Work?

Hint: It’s a living system!

Johnston Ecosystem Pond

The Ecosystem Of A Backyard Pond Is Only A Piece Of It

When you think about a koi pond, you may understand that it is an ecosystem itself. It has plants, fish, bacteria, etc. What you may not recognize is how it interacts with the surroundings.

This low maintenance water feature provides shelter and food for animals that usually live around ponds, such as frogs!

Ecosystem Of A Pond Diagram

Components Of A Pond’s Ecosystem

Waterfall Filter

We’ll make this is the beginning of the ecosystem just for explanation purposes. The water will pass through the filter mats which help to remove any sediment that may have been suspended in the water. The beauty of the biofalls is that they’re able to be hidden so it appears as a natural waterfall but actually help in the filtration.

Rocks & Gravel

The rocks help in the aesthetics of the pond as it helps to hide the rubber liner. From an ecosystem standpoint, the rocks/gravel provide surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow. This has been highly contested for many years as pond enthusiasts feel the rocks and gravel make maintenance a nightmare. This is why annual cleaning is important.

Aquatic Plants

Plants help to keep the pond clear by using the nutrients that algae would normally use to grow. They also help to add color and texture to the pond to help beautify it.


Koi and other fish actually help the ecosystem more than you may think. When you think of fish, you imagine them in the a fish tank where all they do is create waste, but in reality they help to eat string algae and feed from the pond bottom.

Skimmer Filtration Unit

This is the last step of the ecosystem. This is where the pond pump is stored to recycle the water back to the waterfall or stream. This has two forms of filtration inside of it:

  1. A plastic basket that collects larger debris such as any sticks or leaves. The rigid nature of this makes cleaning it a breeze.
  2. A filter mat similar to the biofalls to catch sediment.