Renovate Your Des Moines Water Feature Today

Make That Old Water Feature Look Like A Brand New Work Of Art With One Of Our Renovations!


The Decision to Renovate

Pond renovation is a very popular decision with existing feature owners. A renovation can completely change a feature, whether its a simple waterfall retrofit or a complete overhaul into a new establishment altogether. Renovating an existing pond provides and endless world of options, customization, and improvement. One can even pivot their feature, meaning what starts as a pondless waterfall can be transformed into a pond metropolis with a bog filter. Whether big or small, we can do it all!

Pool to Pond Renovation


Possible Feature Renovations Include:

  • Divide or add water plants to increase filtration of your ecosystem pond
  • Adding fish such as koi
  • Install LED lights
  • Building a new waterfall or stream
  • Renovate existing waterfall or stream
  • Install a skimmer, negative edge, or intake bay to improve mechanical filtration
  • Change stone type or size in water feature
  • Increase size or depth of pond
  • Install bubbling rock or fountainscape into the pond or pondless waterfall
  • Add viewing/fish feeding stone or stones
  • Adding a crossing such as a bridge or stepping stones.
  • Improve water circulation by adding jet pump or another pump

Ready To Get Started On A Pondless Water Feature Project?

I Bought A Home With A Water Feature

Feel like you’re living a lie? We’ve got you covered. Buying a home with an existing water feature can be somewhat tricky, the existing feature was put in for the previous homeowner in mind and it may not quite fit with your lifestyle. Don’t look at it as someone else’s pond, look at it as more of a blank canvas. Any feature can be altered or completely transformed to the homeowner’s desire. Bought a home with an urn but are feeling more of a waterfall vibe? No problem! Combining existing and new materials, we can make that water feature personal to you and your lifestyle in no time!

How Do I Get Those Beautiful Plants In My Pond?

Aquatic plants are very particular in their growing conditions, especially the depth at which they’re settled. Different kinds of plants desire a flat level at different depths usually varying by approximately 12 inches. We can achieve this by installing shelving within your pond so that the plants can have a stable, flat surface to grow on. Customers are able to work with us ahead of time previewing exactly what kinds of plants they may want in their pond so that we can dig the shelving to the specified depth for that plant. This renovation can be the focal point and the only thing added to a pond, or part of a complete pond overhaul, the sky is the limit!

Safety: Rough Around The Edges

A major concern for parents and grandparents is the safety of their children and grandchildren, and we share that concern. An old pond with a rock border may look like nature’s playground to a toddler but may actually be more like an accident waiting to happen for Mom and Dad. With rocks shifting around the edge of the pond, exploring kids are prone to dislodging them and either the rock or the kid can end up in the pond, which we definitely don’t want. Here at Just Add Water, we have just the thing! We are able to reinforce the edge of the pond to the desire of the homeowner, whether it be a border which kids are meant to stay off of or a walkway border which is strong enough to hold even the most rambunctious of birthday parties. Achieve peace of mind and feel safe with your little ones around your water feature today.

Stream Renovation