Shutting Down Your Pond For The Cold Iowa Winter

Preparation Is Needed For Your Pond To Perform Its Best Through The Winter. Let Us Help!

Winter Iowa Pond

This is the last pond cleaning service of the year. We set your pond up so you are ready to over winter. This includes:

  • Remove and store pumps
  • Insure water line is drained
  • Cut back lilies and service other water plants
  • Remove leaves and debris from pond
  • Pull, clean, and store skimmer nets/baskets
  • Pull, clean, and store skimmer and biofall mats
  • Install heater
  • Install over wintering pump

Ready To Get Started On A Pondless Water Feature Project?

Will I Need To Turn Off My Pond Over The Winter?

Each feature differs in this aspect, but generally you will not need to turn off your water feature over winter. Ice will form on rocks and urns, but generally as long as there is flowing water through the system then the pond is safe for the winter. There is also a possibility that ice forms on rocks and can accidentally divert water out of the feature leading to water loss; this will usually mean the feature needs to be shut down. If you have questions about your feature in particular, give us a call!

What Do I Do With My Fish Over The Winter?

Leave them be! While a thick layer of ice may form at the surface of the water, there is plenty of water underneath for the fish to inhabit. They are able to hibernate under the ice for months, only possibly requiring a heater in order to form a hole in the ice to access fresh oxygen, which we have!