Pondless Water Features And Waterfalls For Your Des Moines’ Home

Pondless Water Features are a great way to add the sights and sounds of water with next to no maintenance required!

Pondless Pumpkin West Des Moines

Just about everyone’s favorite part of a water feature is the waterfall or stream. Pondless waterfalls give you the sound and sight of moving water without the upkeep of the full aquatic ecosystem that a pond provides.

A Pondless Water Feature is a stream or waterfall that disburses into gravel with no pond basin. If you imagine an endless pool where it appears the water runs over the side and then disappears, that’s similar to this! What this means is that you can see and hear water running without having the upkeep of the actual pond.

How Does A Pondless Water Feature Work?

Pondless Waterfall Operation

The Complete System

How do you have a waterfall or stream without the pond? Well, it’s not that much different from a standard pond!

  1. To start, water will pass through the waterfall or top of stream. There are two main set ups for this:
    1. A biofalls (which is pictured in the diagram) will not only be the beginning of the water circulation, but it also acts as a filter. Talk about double duty.
    2. A classic spillway is a smaller option which passes water. The difference with this and the biofalls is that it has no filtration connected to it.
  2. Once water pours out of biofalls or spillway, it will meander down the stream or the waterfall. This is your time to be creative as you can make this whatever you want from a design perspective!
  3. The next phase of the Pondless Water Feature system is when the water passes through the gravel. The gravel actually acts as a filter for larger debris. You have the option to have no standing water here or up to a few inches of standing water so it’s actually a SUPER shallow pond basin.
  4. Finally, the water is recirculated with a pump that sits in the bottom of the Pondless basin.

Ready To Get Started On A Pondless Water Feature Project?

Benefits Of Having A Pondless Water Feature

Great For Younger Children Or Small Pets

When it comes to the safety aspect of a Pondless Water Feature, it’s hard to beat. Since there is either no water or very little standing water, it makes the feature a great option for very young children or small pets.

Next To No Maintenance Necessary

Having a Pondless Waterfall makes having running water at your home that much easier. Since there are no plants or fish, there is very little waste that is produced inside the system. All you really need to do is add water due to evaporation every once in a while and you’re set (*Pro Tip: installing an auto-fill water line will actually keep your feature at the optimum water level by itself)

There is also the option to add a chlorine tablet to the pond. Just like with a pool, chlorine will help to keep the water that much cleaner!

Block Out Noise Virtually Anywhere

Since these features are smaller, they’re pretty versatile in where they can be put. So if you live next to a busy road or your neighbors are trying to start a rock band, the sound of running water can be placed to help drown out that noise!