Outdoor Fountain Installation And Fountainscapes In The Des Moines And Surrounding Areas

Add a touch of elegance to your yard with an outdoor fountain.

Outdoor Fountain Installation Des Moines

Benefits Of Outdoor Landscape Fountains

Fountainscapes are the easiest way to bring water into your yard. Landscape fountains are a great way to get started in the water feature hobby.  They are usually smaller and cost less than an ecosystem pond or pondless waterfall.  They also involve less maintenance than an ecosystem pond and can fit on a smaller footprint.  Fountainscapes add curb appeal when used in a front yard and are a great way to greet you when you come home!

Want To Explore The Options Of Having An Outdoor Fountain Installed?

Leave For Work In The Morning And Come Home To A New Yard

Landscape fountains by Just Add Water can be installed for as little as $1500 and can be completed in one day.  Outdoor fountains can also be concrete, statuary, or other ornamental pieces .  Any stone can be chosen to be used as your fountain, and in most cases we can drill your boulder on site.

These fountainscapes are designed to be easy to maintain.  Water does not need to be brought to the fountainscape as the system is self contained.  The landscape fountain can be topped off with a garden hose, irrigation system, or an automatic water fill line.  The decorative fountain can also be designed to be sustainable and collect rain or ground water to replace evaporated water.

We even use energy efficient pumps to run the fountainscapes! The great part about these pumps are that they are easily accessible yet kept out of sight.  Landscape fountains are the perfect way to bring water in to your yard and life!