Building New Ponds And Water Features Across The Des Moines Area Since 2005

What’s Your Motivation For Building A New Pond?

When new clients call us and say they are looking to have a new pond or water feature built, we ask them one thing, “why?” For us at Just Add Water, we’re pond people so we love everything about them! So that leads us back to you and why YOU want a new pond. We’ve heard a lot of answers:

  • I saw one at the park and really liked it
  • I live near a road or a highway and want the sound of running water to drown out the noise
  • My family wants to have Koi Fish as pets

At the end of the day, everyone has a different reason they want a new pond so the best way to think about why you want one is to imagine your why. Once you finish reading this, close your eyes and imagine you’re next to your new pond and think of a few answers to these questions:

  • What do you see? Are there fish in the water or is it a pondless feature and it’s only a long stream?
  • Think about what you’re hearing. Are you envisioning a bubbling brook or water clashing on the rocks?
  • Is there a breeze and you can feel that there is a small body of water next to you? Who is standing next to you feeling this as well?

All your senses play a part in enjoying a pond so be sure to think of the whole picture!

Already Have That New Pond Envisioned?

Having A Pond As A Focal Point Is Hard To Beat

Since Iowa was not placed next to the ocean, we enjoy bringing mother nature right here to the Des Moines area.