Amazing Koi Ponds In Waukee Iowa That’ll Have You Wanting One Too

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Amazing Koi Ponds In Waukee Iowa That’ll Have You Wanting One Too

See Some Of The Amazing Ponds Clients Have Had Us Build For Them In Iowa

Dollars to donuts says you are thinking about getting a koi pond for your home, but you aren’t quite sure about it.

There are many people in the exact same spot you are. They have the same thoughts about cost, maintenance, space, benefits and so on. You can be like them and do a lot of research, make phone calls, and put in the time.

Or you can do something even better: talk to a pond owner face-to-face.

Wouldn’t that be the best?! Getting to talk to someone who is currently living the koi pond life. You could ask all the questions you want. You can see how a pond can transform a space and learn about living the pond life.

By the way, this is a real event we fondly call the Pond Tour.

You can learn more about our pond tours >>

The 2019 Pond Tour In Waukee Iowa

Our 2019 Pond Tour is where you can come to look at 5 different backyard ponds and koi ponds in the Waukee area. You can find food, families, and fun, as well as some amazing ponds our clients had us build for them. 

It’s always a great time, well, as long as the weather stays nice. Rain can ruin even a water-centric event like this.

The weather isn’t looking great. It’s going to rain around 8 am, just 2 hours before our Pond Tour event. Hopefully, it won’t discourage people from attending…

But we don’t plan on letting a little rainstorm ruin the event (we hope). In fact, the only time there isn’t a chance of rain is during the Pond Tour! If that isn’t a sign then I don’t know what is.

Now we just need a few final touches to the ponds:

Is It A Sign?

Speaking of signs, if you’re reading this then it might also be a sign that you are thinking about getting your own koi pond. That’s the reason many of our attendees will be coming to this event.

The Pond Tour is a great place to get answers to your questions and see how a pond influences home life for real people near you. You can talk to the homeowners and learn everything about what owning a pond is like.

It doesn’t get more real than this: