Wetland Filter: Nature’s Perfect Filter

/Wetland Filter: Nature’s Perfect Filter

Wetland Filtration System

 A wetland filter works as a biological filter and can replace a biofalls filter.  For a traditional water garden this filter is an upgrade. A wetland creates a natural area in your pond thick with filtering water plants.  It contains a lot of rocks and gravel which provide a surface are for beneificial bacterial colonization. Wetlands are nature’s perfect filters. So, while naturally beautiful and pleasing to the eye, this a great filtration method andt will help keep excellent water quality on your pond.


The wetland evenly pushes water up through various sizes of gravel.  This creates an area that looks like a natural spring in your water feature. The gravel gives the beneficial bacteria a place to grow and absorb the extra nutrients in the water. By removing the excess nutrients the pond will have less algae creating less maintenance on the pond for you.

The key to a wetland filtration system is the water plants. Water plants are an integral part of a balanced pond ecosystem and helps create a natural looking environment. Plants help purify the water by reducing nutrients, filtering out sediments, and absorbing toxic compounds.

Wetlands filters can be added to any size pond. Wetlands work great for both soil bottom retention ponds and backyard liner landscape ponds. They can be easily added to the perimeter of either pond giving you a new waterfall or stream entering your pond.



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