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Underwater Pond Lights Pond Contractors (Like Us) Use

These Underwater Lights Can Have You Seeing Your Des Moines Pond In A Whole New Light

These underwater pond lights are the same ones we use in the ponds our clients have us build. They are Aquascape brand, meaning they are trusted by pond contractors across America. You can take a closer look at what makes these underwater pond lights one of the best in the business.

“So, you’re saying this can transform my pond?”

Jeff looks at the small light fixture in Bill’s hand. He isn’t too sure that what he’s hearing can be correct.

Apparently, this little underwater pond light and some of his buddies can make his backyard pond look amazing at night. “Yes,” says Bill firmly, “I haven’t yet had a complaint after I’ve installed these in a client’s pond.”

84032_FAMILY_Hero underwater pond lights Aquascape
84032_FAMILY_Hero underwater pond lights Aquascape

Jeff still can’t really see it. “You got any pictures I can look at? Also, what is it about these lights that are so amazing?”

“I sure do have some pictures,” Jeff replies easily, “and I’ll tell you all about the lights as we look at them.” Jeff whips out his phone and starts looking through it for pictures.

Why These Underwater Pond Lights Are Amazing

“Firstly,” Bill starts off, “these lights just look plain amazing in a pond.”

“They may not show up too well in the light, but at night these little lights can make a big change,” Bill continues. “Then, when night falls, the water feature turns into a magical land, fairytale-like. We have them for our pond and my wife loves them.”

“That sure did change how it looks,” Jeff thinks to himself.

“Oh, wow, that one looks really cool,” he says when he sees the next picture.

Underwater pond lights and out of water lights combine to create a captivating picture.

“If the pictures after this one are just as good or better you might be able to sell me on some of these LED pond lights,” Jeff says sincerely. “Well, as long as they are worth the price.”

Underwater pond lights and pond lights coloring a pond

“Oh I do,” Bill responds with a knowing smile, ” and they are worth it. Let me tell you the spec details while I show you more.”

Are LED Pond Lights Worth It?

Green and blue underwater pond lights

“These lights are Aquascape brand, aka quality lights. As for their specs”:

  • 40,000 hours of light (much longer than halogen lights)
  • Creates a natural, warm light
  • Color changing option
  • Small shape great for blending in
  • Photocells for automatic on/off feature

“They use about 80% less electricity than halogen bulbs, PLUS each fixture comes with a 5 year warranty.”

“Well,” Jeff thinks aloud, “what if I end up not liking them?” Bob easily replies “Then we’ll come take them out for you, easy as pie.”

Jeff throws his head back, “Haha, well in that case come on in and let’s talk some numbers. It’ll be a nice surprise for the wife. Wait, actually we should probably talk with her too so she doesn’t look at our bank account and have a heart attack or something like that.”

“You’re a wise man,” Bob solemnly replies. They both walk inside to talk about installing underwater pond lights.

Do You Like Your Pond’s Nighttime Look?

Without lights, backyard ponds often end up looking like the rest of the yard: dark. It’s as though you’re only paying to enjoy your pond during the day when you are away at work. Why not enjoy your pond at any time with some LED lights?