The Top Trends in Fountainscapes for Johnston Yards

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Johnston, known for its picturesque landscapes and community-focused living, offers the perfect canvas for homeowners looking to enhance their outdoor spaces. Fountainscapes, with their blend of artistry and nature, have emerged as a popular trend for those seeking to add a touch of elegance and tranquility to their yards. Here’s a look at the top trends in fountainscapes for Johnston yards, and how Just Add Water can help you incorporate these stunning water features into your outdoor living area.

Minimalist and Modern Designs

The trend towards minimalist and modern fountainscapes is growing, with homeowners appreciating the clean lines and simple beauty these designs offer. Sleek, geometric shapes and the use of contemporary materials like metal and glass create a focal point that complements the modern aesthetic of your home. These fountainscapes are not only visually striking but also blend seamlessly with the minimalist landscaping trend.

Natural Rock and Stone Fountains

For those who prefer a more natural look, fountainscapes crafted from rocks and stones are increasingly popular. These designs mimic natural waterfalls and streams, bringing the soothing sounds of running water into your backyard. The use of natural materials helps the fountain blend into the landscape, creating a serene and organic outdoor space.

Eco-Friendly Water Features

Sustainability is a significant consideration for many Johnston homeowners, and eco-friendly fountainscapes are a testament to this trend. Solar-powered fountains, which use the sun’s energy to circulate water, are becoming a favorite choice. These fountains not only reduce electricity usage but also offer the flexibility to be placed anywhere in your yard without worrying about proximity to power outlets.

Interactive Water Features

Interactive fountainscapes, designed for both beauty and play, are perfect for families. These features often include elements that allow for interaction, such as stepping stones through a shallow water area or jets that create playful water patterns. Not only do they add a unique visual element to your yard, but they also provide a fun way for children and adults alike to engage with the outdoor space.

LED Lighting Enhancements

Incorporating LED lighting into fountainscapes is a trend that continues to gain momentum. LED lights can be used to highlight the water’s movement and create a captivating ambiance after dark. With a range of colors and programmable settings, LED lighting can transform your fountain into a dynamic nighttime feature.

Just Add Water: Your Johnston Fountainscape Specialists

At Just Add Water, we specialize in bringing the latest trends in fountainscapes to life. Our team of experts can design and install a custom water feature that reflects your personal style and the latest trends in outdoor living. Whether you’re drawn to the elegance of modern designs, the natural beauty of stone, or the sustainability of solar power, we can create a fountainscape that becomes the centerpiece of your Johnston yard.

Ready to Elevate Your Outdoor Space?

If you’re considering adding a fountainscape to your Johnston home, Just Add Water is here to help. Visit Just Add Water to explore your options and get started on transforming your outdoor space. Let us help you create a beautiful, tranquil, and trendy backyard oasis that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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Just Add Water is a locally-owned company that serves the state of Iowa for over 17 years. Our team is very enthusiastic about upgrading the yards and properties for all of our fellow Iowans, and we have the experienced crew to do so!

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I’ve worked with Just Add Water for two water features. They have always been good listeners and eager to get the work up to my specs. The Just Add Water Team is very creative and loves what they do! They take on any challenge, find a solution and get it done!

If you are looking for a professional approach to beautify your yard, I highly recommend Chris, Will, and their team for the project!

John Olsen


The crew & office staff at Just Add Water make the perfect team to create a water feature that enhances your life. If you are just looking for advice, or if you need repairs to an existing water feature, or if you want something totally new for your landscape… Just Add Water is the place to go.

They removed our old pond and invented a beautiful fresh look with a pondless system of 3 waterfalls. We’re very pleased and truly impressed with their artistry and sincere demeanor. Give them a chance. You’ll be glad you did!

John Gray


We hired Just Add Water to create a waterfall feature in our backyard. What we didn’t expect was the overwhelming beauty that happened when they were finished! Chris came to our house on a Sunday, no less, to plan our design, and his crew worked on a Saturday after a long week to do our project.

Amazing, stunning, and much more than we ever dreamed! Professional, and over-the-top design, you won’t be disappointed!!

Joan Campbell