Spring Clean Out : Start Your Pond off Right!

/Spring Clean Out : Start Your Pond off Right!

Spring Clean Your Pond

Spring’s springing! Which means that spring cleaning’s about to start as well. The dusting, vacuuming, mopping, moving around, and maybe even getting rid of a few items that are no longer in use. Oh, and don’t forget about your water feature!

Des Moines Pond In Spring

Pond owners recognize the importance of spring cleaning for their ecosystem. For starters, it’s a good way to make sure your pond will be healthy and look good all year long.

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Pond cleanings are important for many other reasons as well.

Ponds: The Good and The Ugly

Pond Sludge: Good or Bad?
Your pond’s become cluttered and full over the winter. Debris and all kinds of organic matter have drifted in and settled at the bottom, resulting in a gooey sludge. This gooey sludge’s good for the health of your pond, but only in moderation.

The sludge on the bottom’s where beneficial bacteria and enzymes live that help filter your pond water. Having too much sludge prevents the bacteria from breaking down excess nutrients, which can result in an algae infestation. Removing the excess sludge will allow your pond to start off spring healthier and with clearer water.

That’s where we come in! When we perform a pond cleaning we rinse and pump out most of this sludge. A spring cleaning keeps your pond from having to work overtime to remove all of it by itself.

There’s also the algae.

What About Algae?Pond Algae In Des Moines Pond

The same goes for the algae in your pond. When we power wash the rocks in the pond, we don’t want to get ALL the green off the rocks. Keeping some of the algae and sludge’s how we keep your ecosystem healthy.

If we removed all of it, your pond would have to start building its ecosystem over every year, putting more strain on itself. Having a well-established ecosystem in your pond means you have a clean, clear, healthy pond, sludge and algae included.

It’s all part of the pond system.

All Pond Systems Are Go

Inspections are also important to have with a spring cleaning. It makes sure all of the components are working properly. After the pond’s drained, we look for any issues that need to be fixed, add anything extra you want, and make any renovations or changes. This is also a great time to add LED lights!

What about any fishy issues?

What About My Fish?

Chaquita Urbandale FishYour fish are in good hands with Just Add Water. Our process for fish handling is: 

  • We bring large tubs to fill with the old pond water for the fish to stay in, this way they aren’t shocked by new water
  • After the cleaning’s done, we add a detox treatment to the water to get rid of any decontaminates (this treatment also has ingredients in it to help your fish’s slime coat so your fish stay healthy)
  • Then we make sure to slowly acclimate your fish to the new water

With us, your fish’ll be introduced to a fresh, clean pond.

Spring Into Action

You love your pond, don’t you? Spring cleanings and maintenance are necessary for people who love their ponds and want them to be amazing. If you want this for your pond, fill out our contact form or call us at (515) 208-4099.

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