Project Description

This Empty Yard Was Put To Good Use In Waukee, Iowa

The transformation started with our client’s love for Disney

From Normal Yard To Unique…How?

After joining Just Add Water on one of their pond tours, this backyard went from a plain grass lot to a magical paradise.

So, how did this dream turn into a reality? Obviously with a bit of Just Add Water and magic! Well, mainly Just Add Water but who is counting?

Unique Backyard Idea Waukee6
Unique Backyard Idea Waukee5

The transformation started with our client’s love for Disney; four days and eight tons of material later, this 8’x10’ pond was complete! With two streams cascading down into the pond, this feature is shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head!

Unique Backyard Idea Waukee4
Unique Backyard Idea Waukee3
Unique Backyard Idea Waukee2

How To Enjoy Your New Backyard

As they sit on the patio, they enjoy the relaxing sights and sounds of the moving water. Off the patio is a flat viewing stone perfect for getting up close and personal with pond and its koi inhabitants.


 “I hope we never lose sight of one fact… that this was all started by a Mouse.” – Walt Disney