Project Description

Design A Backyard That Fits Your Pond

“So A Pond Builder And A Landscaper Walk Into A Yard…”

Pondless Water Feature Build

In 2009, we formed a partnership with a large local landscaper in order to combine powers and create beautiful backyard paradises. This enables each contractor to focus on their respective fields and ensures the customer receives the best product available. This project was a part of a total backyard transformation which included planting beds, hardscapes, LED night lighting, planting trees, a new paver patio in their backyard, and of course a split stream disappearing pondless waterfall to top it all off.

“Our best water features are the ones we have Just Add Water build.”

Pondless Water Feature Build 1

This feature is a 15 foot split stream into a disappearing pondless basin which we made larger than usual in order to reduce maintenance. We also incorporated a number of LED lights to highlight drops and rushing stream water throughout the feature. The rocks that we used are Local Iowa Field Boulders weighing up to 500 pounds.

A disappearing pondless waterfall such as this would cost $10,000. Let us know if you think we should work with your landscaper…

Pondless Water Feature Build 5