Project Description

Create An Oasis Right Next To Your Deck

A Wetland Filter Can Make All The Difference

Backyard Koi Pond Des Moines

This Client had their first pond built in 2010. After moving it was decided that their yard was incomplete without a water feature. With this being their second water feature the home owner knew what they loved and had some ideas about changes.

Backyard Koi Pond Des Moines

The main goal was to feel like they were in the Boundary Water Canoe Area. So we used a special type of stone, It is a moss rock from Oklahoma. You can see the colors and texture are different that what we get from our native granite field stone boulders.

Backyard Koi Pond Des Moines

We also wanted to lower maintenance and maintain crystal clear water. We have an “intake bay” that draws floating debris to a specific area. We upgraded to this because of the large amount of leaves that will fall into the pond. It allows the pond to capture more debris than a standard skimmer would thus lowering maintenance. The wetland filter that starts the stream is what keeps the pond crystal clear. It is a natural plant and gravel filter and can be thought of like a spring you would see in the mountains.

Backyard Pond

The Main Features we ended up incorporating are:

  • Waterfall and stream with multiple drops
  • Intake bay
  • Wetland bog filter
  • Seating wall
  • Fish cave

Final Price: $25,000