Project Description

Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

A Pond With A Cross Between a National Park and a Resort

RC Boats Ankeny Pond

Over the last few years, The Thompson Family has been planning their summer vacations around the outdoors, stream and waterfall day hikes, and National Parks. In the Fall of 2016, Just Add Water began the backyard transformation of Owner Chris Thompson’s personal backyard. The inspiration of the makeover was to create a space where they could feel as close to water and the wildness they had experienced in their vacations in their own Ankeny Iowa suburban backyard while still enjoying the comforts civilization offered.

Iowa Snorkeling Pond

“I’ve thought for a long time about what my dream pond would look like.  I had no idea we could build something that was even better then I was able to imagine.”

Elijah's Pond Ripples

Features Installed:

  • Large 20,000 gallon water garden.
  • Rain water capture systems.  Harvesting water from the homes roof.
  • Custom Wetland plant and gravel filtration
  • Multiple Waterfall and stream areas.
  • Stepping stones across the pond to a hidden cave in the landscape
  • Firepit area next to a cut flagstone patio
  • Natural Stone bridge and “floating” viewing stone
  • Sand Beach on the pond edge
  • Large Stones up to 8000 pounds
  • Tent and camping area
  • A Stone Pebble dry stream bed through the patio
  • LED Pond and Landscape lighting
  • A transition from man made to natural materials

Multiple gathering spots have been created around this water feature.  Every area offers a different experience.  Sit out on the cantilevered “floating” viewing stone and you are surrounded by waterfalls.  It’s also the best place to enjoy and feed the numerous koi (and Hi-Fin banded Sharks).  The beach is right next to this area and doubles as a place to relax and recover or build sand castles.  The main patio is area is right off the back of the house.  Outdoor couches offer a great view overlooking most of the backyard.  Stone steps lead to a lower cut flagstone patio surrounding a fire pit and gives a perfect view of another stream and waterfall area.  Next to this patio, an area of the landscape has been intentionally left open to provide and area for the family to put up their tent and camp in their backyard.

The project was completed in the summer of 2017.  This one of a kind custom backyard transformation can be created in a month.  A person can expect to spend $100,000 or more on a project like this.