Project Description

Pond Contractors Are Not All Built The Same

“I wish I would have known about Just Add Water before I had the original contractor build this…”

West Des Moines Stream Installation 2

Just Add Water started the 2017 construction season with this pondless stream renovation in West Des Moines, Iowa. This backyard waterfall had not run in over a year and needed some help when the homeowner called. The client had already invested time and money into their back yard and were looking for the final renovation make their investment worth it.


The homeowner had previously had two contractors on site in order to try and fix the water feature. This was to the tune of roughly $14,000. After the $6,000 that the homeowner spent with Just Add Water to finally make their dreams come true, their grand total for the project was $20,000. To put this in perspective, this Pondless Waterfall would have cost $7,500 had the homeowner contacted Just Add Water in the beginning.

Our first step was to identify the reason why the feature was not running and it became clear that there were actually multiple reasons for the system not running. To remedy these issues, the Just Add Water team had to remove the entire stream and bring in an all new liner, more chilton stone to match what was currently being used, and new plumbing lines.

West Des Moines Stream Installation 5

In order to properly reconstruct the stream, stone had to be added in order to create a sufficient border to contain the water. For this, we brought in chilton stone in order to match the stone that was already there. Using this new rock, we properly defined the edge of the stream while adding substantial drops for the waterfall.