Does Your Water Feature Need A Repair Or Maybe A Complete Renovation Around The Des Moines Area?

What Is The Difference Between A Water Feature Repair Compared To A Water Feature Renovation?

A pond or water feature repair is when something is broken or not working as it is intended to within the feature. Generally clients are looking to have this fixed or replaced so that the ecosystem of their pond can continue as it once was.

Renovating a pond or water feature is a more all encompassing approach to rehabbing your pond. With a renovation, you’re taking an old pond and doing a full overhaul to create a new piece of mother nature. You’ll have the opportunity to redesign the pond, add any additional features you’ve been dreaming of, and pretty much get to make it your own!

Is Your Feature Not What You Want It To Be?

As we had mentioned before, adding upgrades that you’ve always wanted (and some that you may have not even known about) are there to make your life, and your ponds life, more enjoyable.

Some of these add-ons will make keeping your pond or water feature even lower maintenance than it already is!

Ready To Move Forward On Some Of Those Upgrades?

What Are You Envisioning For Your Feature?

  • Adding a waterfall or a stream? Maybe adding a second one…
  • To make the most use of your feature, adding lights enhances the experience at night!
  • Patios and walkways are a great way to hang out up close and personal.