It’s Fall In Des Moines, So Have Your Pond Ready For Anything

Protect Your Art From The Changing Weather, Have Us Service Your Feature This Fall

Des Moines Fall Pond Maintenance

Fall Pond Maintenance is important in maintaining the ecosystem in your pond

A Fall cleaning is unique from our other services because of those dang leaves changing colors! Leaves can get in your pond and stream and take away the beauty of the fall. They can also clog up filters and impede water flow through the ecosystem, which spells trouble later down the line.

Ready To Get Started On A Pondless Water Feature Project?

Possible Fall Cleaning includes:

  1. Full Pond Cleaning (Recommended)

    • Heading into the winter, if there are leaves/debris stuck in the bottom of your pond, they’re there for the long haul if your feature freezes over!
    • Includes Pond netting and Plant dividing
  2. Filter Cleaning

    • This partial cleaning consists of cleaning out your filters. Similar to your HVAC system needing it’s filters cleaned so you can breathe clean air, this is what this does for your Koi Fish.
  3. Pond Netting

    • This netting will help to keep the leaves and any other debris out of the pond during the fall, which makes the cleaning process that much easier.
    • Make sure you have this done BEFORE the leaves start to fall!
  4. Plant Dividing

    • Overgrown plants can be a burden for you and your pond.
    • As plants get overgrown they take up more surface area of your pond
    • No longer flower like normal
    • Their root mass slowly starts to “choke” itself causing part of the roots to die and decay in your pond.