Holiday Gift Guide for Pond Owners

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The holiday season is the perfect time to surprise the pond enthusiasts in your life with something special. At Just Add Water, we’ve curated a selection of Aquascape products that are sure to make any pond owner happy during the Holidays. From decorative elements to practical tools, our guide has everything needed to enhance the beauty and functionality of any pond.

1. Aquascape Fountain Spitters Add charm and movement to any pond with Aquascape’s decorative Fountain Spitters. The latest designs include a fairy, turtles, and more, perfect for creating a lively water feature. Aquascape Fountain Spitters

2. Indoor Pond and Fountain Kits Bring the soothing sounds of water indoors with the Aquascape Mini Pond Kit or the Tabletop Fountain Kit. Ideal for year-round enjoyment. Aquascape Mini Pond Kit | Tabletop Fountain Kit

3. Automatic Fish Feeder Make pond maintenance easier with an Automatic Fish Feeder, perfect for regular feeding of your koi or other pond fish.

4. Aquascape Automatic Dosing System Maintain optimal water quality effortlessly with the Aquascape Automatic Dosing System, adding the perfect amount of treatments as needed. Aquascape Automatic Dosing System

5. Pond Shark Leaf Net Keep your pond clean with the Pond Shark Leaf Net, specially designed for easy removal of leaves and debris. Aquascape Pond Shark Leaf Net

6. Smart Pond Thermometer Check your pond’s temperature conveniently from your phone with the Smart Pond Thermometer. Smart Pond Thermometer

7. Waterproof Gloves Essential for winter pond maintenance, waterproof gloves keep hands warm and dry. Atlas Gloves

8. Hands of the Artist Book Explore stunning water features from around the world with the “Hands of the Artist” book. Hands of the Artist Book

9. Small Aerator A Small Aerator is crucial for oxygenating water, especially during cleaning or fish relocation. Aquascape Pond Aeration System

10. Statuary and Yard Art Enhance your pond with unique statuary and yard art for decoration and predator control. Statuary Water Pumps

11. Floating Plant Island Display aquatic plants dynamically with the Floating Plant Island. Floating Plant Island

12. Fire Features Create a mesmerizing ambiance with Aquascape’s fire features, combining fire and water for a stunning effect. Fire and Water Feature

This holiday season, delight the pond owners in your life with gifts that enhance both the beauty and functionality of their ponds. Visit Just Add Water at Iowa Waterscapes for these and other great pond-enhancing products.

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Just Add Water is a locally-owned company that serves the state of Iowa for over 17 years. Our team is very enthusiastic about upgrading the yards and properties for all of our fellow Iowans, and we have the experienced crew to do so!

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I’ve worked with Just Add Water for two water features. They have always been good listeners and eager to get the work up to my specs. The Just Add Water Team is very creative and loves what they do! They take on any challenge, find a solution and get it done!

If you are looking for a professional approach to beautify your yard, I highly recommend Chris, Will, and their team for the project!

John Olsen


The crew & office staff at Just Add Water make the perfect team to create a water feature that enhances your life. If you are just looking for advice, or if you need repairs to an existing water feature, or if you want something totally new for your landscape… Just Add Water is the place to go.

They removed our old pond and invented a beautiful fresh look with a pondless system of 3 waterfalls. We’re very pleased and truly impressed with their artistry and sincere demeanor. Give them a chance. You’ll be glad you did!

John Gray


We hired Just Add Water to create a waterfall feature in our backyard. What we didn’t expect was the overwhelming beauty that happened when they were finished! Chris came to our house on a Sunday, no less, to plan our design, and his crew worked on a Saturday after a long week to do our project.

Amazing, stunning, and much more than we ever dreamed! Professional, and over-the-top design, you won’t be disappointed!!

Joan Campbell