You have two options.  You can shut it down or you can leave it running.  Most people in the Des Moines area shut their water gardens in the winter.  To shut down a water feature, there are a few steps that need to be completed.  If you have a pond with fish in it and you have at least 18” of water, the fish can stay in the pond.  The pond just needs to be set up to have air exchange (an aerator and a pond heater) and the fish will be fine in there all winter.

If you want to leave it running, be prepared to enjoy some amazing winter scenery.  It is hard to describe how much different your waterfall can look with LED lights shining through the ice formations. It is definitely a rewarding experience to run a water feature year round but you need to realize you may have to do some work to keep it running.  We offer winter water garden services if you need help.