Aquatic Plants for Your Water Garden

Aquatic Plants for Your Water Garden Most homeowners will agree that a backyard is not complete until the right plants are in the ground. The same goes for backyard ponds. Aquatic plants are important elements for establishing balance in an aquatic ecosystem like a pole is for a tightrope walker. There are different types [...]

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Spring Cleaning for Ecosystem Ponds, Pondless Waterfalls, and Fountains

Spring Pond Cleaning: A Fresh Start Spring might be in the air, but winter might still be in your pond. That means it’s time for a water feature spring cleaning! Whether you have an ecosystem pond, pondless waterfall, or fountain, a spring cleaning prepares your water feature for the season. While mother nature accomplishes this [...]

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Ponds, Water Gardens, and Aquascape Ecosystems

Ecosystem Ponds are a Puzzle You can't be missing any pieces. A puzzle can't be complete without all the pieces. Neither can a pond be whole without all the right parts. Unlike a puzzle with pieces missing, an incomplete pond can mean a damaged ecosystem. Pond ecosystems work with nature. It provides food, shelter, and [...]

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Spring Clean Out : Start Your Pond off Right!

Spring Clean Your Pond Spring's springing! Which means that spring cleaning's about to start as well. The dusting, vacuuming, mopping, moving around, and maybe even getting rid of a few items that are no longer in use. Oh, and don’t forget about your water feature! Pond owners recognize the importance of spring cleaning for their [...]

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