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7 Amazing Types Of Aquatic Plants For Your Koi Pond

7 Amazing Types Of Aquatic Plants For Your Koi Pond Your backyard pond should look as incredible as you want it to. Everything from the water to the surrounding area. And especially the pond plants. If you don't like them, how can you love your backyard pond? We don't think anyone should feel [...]

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RainXchange: Rainwater Collection For Ponds

RainXChange System: Rainwater Collection & Usage You can learn all about the RainXChange system for rainwater collection and usage right here! The first thing you notice is that it's beautiful. The RainXChange system looks like a decorative water feature and it: Recycles natural water Reduces water bills Filters the water Conserves the environment [...]

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Wetland Filtration System: Nature’s Perfect Filter

Wetland Filtration System You can learn about wetland filtration systems for your pond right here! Wetland filtration systems are a great way to keep your pond water clean and clear. The best part about these is that they are a natural system, much like how the sun naturally lights and heats the Earth. [...]

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