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Building A Pondless Water Feature For Clients In Altoona Iowa

John and Diane Gray were tired of having to fix and maintain their backyard pond. After having it for 10 years, while they did enjoy it, it constantly had one issue or another. It wasn’t what they wanted any more, so it was time for a change. After going on Google and looking for “artificial pond maintenance” the Gray’s found Just Add Water. They went through the website and decided to talk to us about remodeling their pond and building a pondless water feature.

Total Job Cost: $6,000 + $600 in lights

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The Gray’s Pond Problem

John and Diane were tired of maintaining their pond. It wasn’t one of the low maintenance masterpieces quality pond contractors install, as can be seen from the holes in the liner found during our leak detection test. In the video at the top of the page, you can see the liner was filled with even more holes, causing it to be more of a flood problem than a leak problem.

They wanted less maintenance, and building a pondless water feature could give it to them without taking away from their enjoyment.

One of the many holes found in the liner when building a pondless water feature in Altoona

After Building A Pondless Water Feature

After 2 days of labor, the Gray’s 8’x8′ pond was transformed into a 6′ stream with multiple waterfall drops. Building a pondless water feature was exactly what they wanted, and they love it. We also added in some LED lights so the Gray’s can increase the amount of time they can enjoy their pond.

If you want to know what John and Diane thought of their new pondless water feature, check out their review:

“Chris: Diane & I want to express our appreciation of your company and your great employees. You were very easy to work with and so responsive to our many questions & concerns. Will & his crew are outstanding…It’s good to have people we can rely on for our water feature…We are truly impressed and pleased with the results of your work. THANK YOU!”

After building a pondless water feature

Building A Pondless Water Feature For You

2 days of work for a lifetime of happiness seems like a great trade-off. This is especially true because the Gray’s won’t have to worry about having constant problems with their pond. If any do come up, Just Add Water will be there to find the problem and fix it.

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