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The Best Pond Companies In Des Moines, Iowa For Creating Paradise

These Are Our Top Picks For Pond Contractors In Des Moines Who Can Create A Pond You’ll Love

Do you know the only 2 pond companies in Des Moines we are comfortable recommending as the best?

That’s right, there are only 2 companies in this area we feel are qualified to install a pond, koi or otherwise. Heck, they’re also the only 2 for maintaining ponds too!

Other companies can do it, but their reviews point towards poor customer service and we feel as though that is just as important as a quality product. It can be hard to enjoy a pond if getting it is a major hassle.

As for these best companies, let’s take a look (don’t be surprised by the second option).

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Beemer Landscaping

It all starts in 2004 when Korey Beemer first opened his landscaping company, Beemer Landscaping. Since then, his team, knowledge, and expertise have grown with the business, leaving one happy client after the next.

They can also provide many other services to go along with a water feature such as a patio or fire pit.

Google Review

“Great responsiveness, good communication and great work. I’ll use these guys again.”
– Dave Thiesse

Just Add Water

Before any eye rolls or “I knew it” statements, just hear us out. There really aren’t many pond companies in the Des Moines region and the ones that are, well, let’s just say their reviews speak for themselves.

Since seeing is believing, you can take a look at these search results for the best pond companies in Des Moines and see their reviews for yourself.

As for us, we truly believe we provide great ponds and fantastic experiences for all of our clients, and that is exactly what we want for you (even if we aren’t the ones providing it).

“After touring numerous Just Add Water ponds and water features, it is quite apparent they are experts in their field. Their products are spectacular and they genuinely care about their customers’ experience.”
– Shana Davison

Why Do You Want A Pond?

We love ponds almost as much as we love finding other people who love ponds. But everyone has their own reasons for wanting one and we’d sure love to know yours! Please give us your reason in the comments below.

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